First came the Wooting one – a TKL keyboard – now they have put the number keys back on along with additional changes.

Read what they say about the Wooting two below:

We introduced the Wooting two, a full-size analog mechanical keyboard. It is one of the most requested product developments from our community. Therefore it’s announced as:

You Asked, We Created.

It will launch on Kickstarter, the 31st of May 2018 and can be previewed on https://www.wooting.nl/wootingtwo. The official release video is below.

The Wooting two is essentially a Wooting one with a numpad.

We didn’t want the Wooting two to differentiate too much from its older brother, the Wooting one. It’s part of the same line of technology and design, but it speaks towards the full-size audience. In this way, we can still roll in fast pace, new features for both the Wooting one and two.

We made a couple small improvements to the Wooting two, including:

  • USB-C port
  • 4 additional programmable keys above the numpad
  • Design improvements
    • Slightly lower body profile.
    • Improved cable gutter design.
    • Longer side-indent to better fit the overall design.
    • Shorter width by removing the additional space above the F-row keys.

Wooting Developer Portal

Exclusive: At launch, we will also release our Wooting Developer Portal (WDP, quirky name pending). A community-first place that allows developers and hobbyists to easily access the analog keyboard values and RGB control.

It will allow developers to create real analog keyboard support for their applications and create custom RGB interactivities from in-game warnings to discord notifications.

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