2021 Thermaltake EXPO June
“Your mod, your way” Immerse yourself with colours with Thermaltake’s new coloured series of products

The turquoise series rolls out first and more colours to come.

Taipei, TaiwanJune 1st, 2021Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of our first multi-coloured series of products including, Chassis, Memory, Power Supplies and Gaming Chairs at the 2021 Thermaltake EXPO June Virtual Exhibition.

“As we enter a new season, Thermaltake is ready to introduce some bold new colours. We are launching several fan-favourite iconic products in different colour-washes. We want to offer our audience – the gamers, modders, and PC DIY enthusiasts more customization options. Choose your colour and design, and make “Your MOD, Your Way”.” Said Kenny Lin, the CEO of Thermaltake.

The first in our line-up is the turquoise series which includes The Tower 100 Turquoise and TOUGHRAM RGB Turquoise 3600MHz. On the market, we rarely see chassis and memory modules in Turquoise. The reason Thermaltake launches this special colour and other upcoming multi-coloured series of products is to allow users to have more options and flexibility to choose from modding their PC and matching the decorating tone of their own space or to be able to select the colours that best reflect their moods and personality. Thermaltake is ready to present to all PC enthusiasts a feast for the eyes!

The Tower 100 Mini Chassis: Turquoise, Metallic Gold and Racing Green

The Tower 100 is a mini but delicate chassis with a vertical body design. It’s set up with three 4mm tempered glass windows at the front, left, and right side, providing panoramic viewing and an easy way for users to access the interior by removing the top panel. Moreover, there is no need to worry about cooling because there are two 120mm standard fans preinstalled, and thanks to its sophisticated internal layout, it helps tidy up cable management and also ensures a smooth air intake and exhaust to keep the interior temperature low. Furthermore, The Tower 100 has good hardware compatibility, supporting a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 190mm, VGA with a maximum length of 330mm, a power supply with a length of up to 180mm, two 2.5” SSDs with the side bracket, and two 2.5” or two 3.5” HDD at the rear (without rear fan).

The Tower 100 mini chassis Turquoise, Metallic Gold and Racing Green are announced at the 2021 EXPO JUNE. If you are a fan of mini chassis, do not miss this chance to create your unique style by picking up the special coloured The Tower 100.

Memory: TOUGHRAM RGB Turquoise and Racing Green DDR4 3600MHz (8GB x 2)

TOUGHRAM RGB series boasts a unique design that is distinguished from common gaming memory modules. To provide different selections to users, we previously expanded to Racing Red and Metallic Gold, and at the 2021 EXPO JUNE, we’ve launched new and special colours, Turquoise and Racing Green. Thermaltake aims at providing more options for users to create their unique style that stands out from the rest.

Built with the highest quality of components to the highest of standards, all ICs of TOUGHRAM RGB are tightly screened and coated with a ten-layer PCB, constructed with 10μ gold fingers and 2oz copper inner layers to enhance stability. Featuring 10 super-bright addressable LEDs, the TOUGHRAM RGB delivers 16.8M full-spectrum RGB colour with dynamic lighting effects, users can also select preferable lighting effects from over 25 modes, or monitor real-time temperature, frequency and performance via a user-friendly interface. More than that, it can be synchronized with TT RGB Plus compatible components to create stunning lighting effects across your entire setup, or to be controlled by the NeonMaker Light Editing Software for advanced lighting configurations to customize the timeline of lighting effects.

Power Supplies: TOUGHPOWER GF1 650/750/850W Snow

The TOUGHPOWER GF1 Gold Series power supplies now come with a white appearance and are available in three wattages- 650W/750W/850W. It has been a while since Thermaltake brought out a white-coloured PSU to the market, but since then we’ve been wanting to allow our users to have even more options when building their systems for example a complete white-themed build. Moreover, The TOUGHPOWER GF1 Gold Series power supplies come with a zero cable platform that connects the back panel and the PCB with a copper plate for better heat dissipation, solving the problem of dealing with messy cables and improving the output power quality. They come with a fully modular low-profile flat cable that offers cable selection for users while powering the system at an advantageous voltage.

This series guarantees continuous, stable and quiet performance by featuring a 140mm hydraulic bearing fan with intelligent RPM controls and premium quality Japanese main capacitors. Plus, all ripples are lower than 30mV on +12V, +5V, or +3.3V from 0% to 100% load to provide steadier operation and allow key components to function longer. To meet the utmost performance, the voltage regulation is set to no more than ±2% for major rails and is stricter than Intel’s standard of ±5%.

At the 2021 Thermaltake EXPO June, the GF1 Snow series is unfolded. The white PSU is quite rare on the market and it looks extra enthralling matching with our Snow edition chassis. If you are a lover of special coloured power supplies, don’t miss the chance to grab your own.

ARGENT E700 / E700 GT Real Leather Gaming Chairs

The new Thermaltake gaming chair brings gaming experiences to the next level. This gaming chair combines the best of both worlds – the aesthetics of a spacecraft-like design with functionality. ARGENT E700 / E700 GT Real Leather Gaming Chairs not only focuses on a unique one-piece curved-back chair design but is also delivered in a tempting colourful appearance; The ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair comes in black, white and space grey, while ARGENT E700 GT Real Leather Gaming Chairs comes in green, blue and orange. Following features upgrading the comfortability: real leather covers on the entire seat including the adjustable headrest, the air vent design ensures breathability, and the side handles for tilting and elevating allows adjustments on the fly.

Featured with a wire-control mechanism with multi-lockable positions, class-4 gas spring for height adjustments, a premium grade 5-star aluminium alloy base and large 3” caster wheels ensure stability and safety. Prepare yourself for a comfortable experience with an ARGENT E700 / E700 GT Real Leather Gaming Chair and immerse yourself in your virtual adventures for hours!

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