Gamers are always wondering which gaming mouse is the best for playing. The question is relevant all the time, and there is no single answer to this, but I think a new Razer DeathAdder Elite is the decent one for the best playing experience.

The Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse does not need a special introduction since for ten years its various versions have rightfully taken their place on the right hand of gamers on various virtual battlefields of both e-sports and amateur level.

Razer DeathAdder Elite tech specifications

  • Length: 127 mm
  • Width: 70 mm
  • Height: 44 mm
  • Mouse weight with wire: 130 g
  • Mouse weight without wire: 96 g
  • Key Button Switches: Omron D2FC-F-K (50M) -RZ
  • Scroll wheel encoder: mechanical, manufactured by TTC
  • Number of buttons: 7 pieces
  • Connection Interface: USB
  • Connection wire: braided, length 215 cm, chrome-plated connector


Honestly, telling about the appearance of the DeathAdder Elite is somewhat trivial, since the model form of this manipulator was introduced ten years ago. Of course, during this time, more than one modification was released in which the case was polished and optimized in detail, but this did not affect the profile’s recognition.

The case is asymmetrical and made under the right palm. On the right side, there are two additional buttons, under which there is a rubber grip insert, a similar one is present on the left side, but takes up a little more space and is brought to the front edge of the case.

The illuminated Razer logo is on the back of the manipulator, the scroll wheel is located in the centre, behind it are two buttons, by default responsible for switching DPI. In essence, this is an innovation for the DeathAdder series, in previous versions they were not.

The manufacturer revised the dimensions of the Teflon feet. The DeathAdder Chroma had two small feet in the front, and one in the back. In the Elite version, they made two large feet half a millimetre thick.

For better control of the device on the side panels, there are rubber pads decorated with hexagons. If the palm became wet from a tense or prolonged gaming session, the surface begins to slip a little under the fingers.

The sophisticated visual of the mouse makes it perfect for not only playing shooters, but you can use it for other purposes as well. For instance, Vegas Slots lists Razer DeathAdder Elite as a very helpful way of getting more pleasure from playing online casino games and slots.

Key buttons and scroll wheel

The primary keys are not separated from the mouse body and in the central part have recesses, which allows you to most conveniently position your fingers and not move them from this position during the game.

A significant improvement was the installation of new mechanical switches with a resource of 50 million clicks, developed with the participation of Razer.

The design of the buttons has been revised. The key pushers in DeathAdder Elite are in close contact with mechanical switches, which eliminates any backlash and idling.

The scroll wheel has also been redone. For example, quite often rattling was noted on Razer gaming mice with long scrolls up. In DeathAdder Elite, the encoder stroke is equally useful in both directions. The scroll wheel protrudes low above the top panel of the manipulator and is made of translucent plastic with a rubber ring.

Additional buttons

The size and position of the side keys are well chosen. The buttons are large, and their separation is tactile. The first key is conveniently pressed with the thumb pad, the second with the phalanx. The surface of the buttons is more textured than the mouse body, which makes controlling them even more comfortable.

DPI switch buttons have a very short stroke. The button closest to the scroll wheel is easily pressed with the index finger without changing the position of the palm of your hand, but reaching the far button is also no longer easy to reach – more body movements are required.

The appearance of the DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse was somewhat unexpected since the previous model (DeathAdder Chroma) completely coped with the tasks assigned to it.

In fact, Razer engineers re-assembled one of the best models of gaming mice from their range and did not disregard almost any crucial detail:

  • assembled a mouse-based on a modern fifth-generation advanced sensor PMW3389;
  • installed Omron switches with a resource of 50 million clicks under the main buttons, optimized and improved with Razer’s participation;
  • replaced the scroll wheel, getting rid of rattling on long scrolls;
  • revised the design of the main buttons to minimize idling and play;
  • added two buttons for the scroll wheel, by default responsible for switching DPI;
  • equipped the device with a flexible, compliant connection wire with a compact connector.

As for the shortcomings, they include the lack of tactile separation of the DPI switch. Besides, with so many improvements, I would like to get on-board memory for saving profiles. As a wish, it would be possible to dilute the delivery set with spare Teflon feet instead of, for example, a pair of stickers.

The price of the DeathAdder Elite is around $70, which considering the characteristics of the mouse is quite a reasonable price. It certainly deserves to be purchased if you want to feel the best gaming experience.

In general, the DeathAdder Elite gaming optical mouse is an accurate, modern, problem-free tool that, in the hands of experienced gamers, will allow the to sharpen gaming skills more efficiently, and it will help novice players to clearly understand their skills and abilities.

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