Tomorrow you’ll be able to preorder a Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung directly, and operators of your choice from next Friday onwards. The actual release date for Samsung’s new phablet is October 10th for the UK, and October 17th for the US one week later. Previous leaks have the price of the Note 4 as a whopping £575, but what do you get for that money?

Well first of all you get a big increase in pixel count and density. The Note 3 has a 5.7 inch 1920×1080 Super AMOLED display offering a pixel density of 386PPI, the Note 4 on the other hand offers the same 5.7 inch display but in 1440P format – yes that is 2560×1440, a higher resolution than any monitor I own, let alone on a phone! This boost in resolution brings the pixel density to 515PPI, and to put that in context that is almost double the pixel density of Apple’s Retina display on the iPad. And to keep that screen from cracking it features corning Gorilla Glass 3. And what do you get to power all those pixels?  A 2.7GHz quad core on the Snapdragon 800 chipset ensures that any apps that manage to take advantage of all those pixels run smoothly, and 3GB of RAM ensures the inevitable bloatware you can look forward to on the stock rom doesn’t grind the Note 4 to a halt. To power all of this and keep it running, the Note 4 comes with a 3220mAh battery and a new Ultra Power Saving Mode (in case Power Saving Mode wasn’t enough for you).

Apart from that there’s the usual 4G support, expansion card support up to 128GB with 32GB internal memory and a 16MP camera capable of recording at 2K at 30FPS and 1080P at 60fps.

Are you interested in Samsung’s new phablet? Or maybe an iPhone 6 is on your list? Let us know.

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