Day 2 of the Steam Summer Getway Sale is now underway, here are todays deals:

Chivalry £4.74

FEZ £3.49

Faster Than Light £1.74

Just Cause 2 £1.99

Darksiders 2 Death Lives £6.99

Surgeon Simulator £2.37

Sniper 2 Ghost Warrior £3.74

ANNO 2070 £9.99

The Walking Dead £5.24

Call Of Duty Black Ops II £19.99

The current flash sales are:

Far Cry 3 £11.99

Legend Of Grimrock £2.99

Xcom Enemy Unknown £7.49

Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm £5.99

The current community choice is GTA4 for £4.99 and the next options are:

Shogun 2 £6.25

Sleeping Dogs £5.00

Street Figher IV Arcade Edition £7.49

Personally out of the current deals I’d recommend picking up GTA4 if you can, it is a great game with tonnes to do and for the price you’re going to not be paying many pence per hour of gameplay. Also I’d recommend Just Cause 2, an older game but with a multiplayer mod in development and an excellent single player you really can’t go wrong for £1.99. Don’t forget you can also pick up yesterdays best deals still for a limited time only!

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