Thermaltake are holding an online expo to launch new products, with press releases joined by livestreams on the Thermaltake YouTube channel. For day 1, TT are launching both their new Toughpower PF1 80+ Platinum PSUs and a brace of striking new cases covering all kinds of builds.

Thermaltake Toughpower PF1 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply

The new TT 80+ platinum power supply, the Toughpower PF1, seen here in the 850W model. The back reveals horizonal connectors for motherboard power crossing a good portion of the width of the PSU, and below them four 6-pin connectors for peripherals and five 8-pin connectors for CPU or GPU power cables.
The TT Toughpower PF1 80+ platinum power supply, in the 850W version.

The TT Toughpower PF1 80+ Platinum PSU series has launched. Thermaltake pitch these as high quality units, claiming under 30mV ripple on every rail and +/-2% voltage regulation. Plus, the units use Japenese 105C rated capacitors throughout. On top of this, a hold up time of “over 16 milliseconds” meets the ATX spec. Protections are also listed, with OCP, OVP, UVP, OPP, SCP and OTP all present. Finally Thermaltake claim a 120,000 hour MTBF – equating to over 13 years of 24/7 operation – backed up by a 10 year warranty.

The new TT Toughpower PF1 80+ platinum power supplies are fully modular, meaning even the required 24-pin cable comes from a modular connector. This supports custom cabling, though some may find a semi-modular design easier to manage neatly if the power supply itself is visible.

All models come with two 4+4-pin CPU power cables. For GPUs, the 650W and 750W models offer a total of four 6+2-pin connectors from two daisy-chains. The 850W model ups this to six from three daisy-chains. In terms of peripheral connectors, all have a chain of four 4-pin “molex” connectors and come with a floppy adapter. There are three chains of SATA power connectors, which on the 650W and 750W models include three connectors each for a total of nine. The 850W unit ups the ante again by extended the SATA power connector chains to four each, giving a total of twelve SATA power connectors.

Finally, Thermaltake have included semi-passive operation – keeping the 120mm fan off up to 30% load.

Thermaltake The Tower 100 Mini ITX Case

The TT The Tower 100 Snow Edition – the case is also available in black.

Launched back in 2016, Thermaltake’s The Tower 900 E-ATX case had a unique aesthetic.  An answer to “what would happen if you put your PC in a display cabinet?”, The Tower makes for excellent showcase builds. Now TT have brought in The Tower 100, a mini-ITX version.

At a svelte 260x260mm footprint and 460mm high, The Tower 100 can still accomodate a high-performance system. Standard power supplies up to 160mm long are supported, with GPUs up to 320mm. This means the Toughpower PF1 80+ platinum PSU also introduced today would fit. CPU air coolers up to 180mm tall work, or alternatively a watercooler can be employed with a top mounted 120mm radiator. Intake comes from a 120mm or 140mm fan above the PSU cover.

Two 2.5″ bays are visible to one side. The RGB industry has provided us with RGB SSDs , and placing them to be clearly visible ensures they don’t go to waste. Internally there are two more drive bays, supporting 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives. Connectivity-wise, the audio ports and two typical USB 3.0 (5Gbps) ports are joined by a USB Type-C port.

Thermaltake AH T200 Micro ATX Case

TT AH T200 Micro Snow Edition – the case is also available in black.

If The Tower 100 is a bit too understated for you, Thermaltake have also introduced the AH T200. This Micro ATX case, based on the full-size T600 from earlier this year, could never be accused of being too understated. With cockpit-like tempered glass on the front panel and tempered glass side doors evocative of wings, the AH T200 might just go through gaudy and loop round again to being stylish. If Michael Bay’s Transformers movies were a case, they would be this case.

Clearances are 180mm for power supplies, 320mm for GPUs and 150mm for CPU air coolers. The case is very open but extra airflow comes from 2 front fans and 2 top fans, all up to 140mm. Radiators up to 280mm are also supported at the front.

Storage-wise, the AH T200 Micro supports either 2×3.5″ or 2×2.5″ drives. Connectivity is the same as The Tower 100, with USB Type-C port alongside the audio ports and two typical USB 3.0 (5Gbps) ports.

Thermaltake Core P8 Tempered Glass Full Tower

The TT Core P8 Tempered Glass Full Tower – crikey that’s a lot of spots for fans!

We’ve seen a couple of unique looking cases but you know what we haven’t seen yet? More fans than you can shake a stick at. That changes with the new Thermaltake Core P8, an E-ATX case primed for watercooling. Radiator and fan support is extreme, with up to 18 120mm fans supported. Radiators fit up to 480mm front and right, 420mm top and 240mm bottom. Thermaltake have also applied their own “LCS Certified” badge to the case.

Clearances are 200mm for power supplies, 320mm for GPUs and 180mm for CPU air coolers. With a reservoir in the intended location, max GPU length drops to 280mm.

Being a full tower the Core P8 supports a few more drives – up to 3×3.5″ or 6×2.5″ being the motherboard tray. With Thermaltake’s pump bracket in use, an additional 2.5″ drive is supported. Front IO is expanded on compared to the smaller cases – the two USB 3.0 ports and USB-C port are joined by two USB 2.0 ports. Audio ports are of course also present.

Thermaltake DistroCase 350P Mid Tower

The TT DistroCase 350P – it’s mostly distro plate.

Have you ever wanted a case that had a distro plate, to make the layout of your watercooling tubes prettier?

What about a case that is a distro plate?

The Thermaltake DistroCase 350P is a case where the entire back panel is one big acrylic distro plate. This acts as a reservoir, and also provides a mounting point for a pump. Multiple outlet and inlet holes across the plate allow for clean tubing with straight horizontal lines. The water can be cooled with a front-mounted radiator up to 360mm.

Naturally the DistroCase 350P is branded with Thermaltake’s “LCS Certified” badge. 48 built-in addressable RGB LEDs are compatible with just about every form of RGB software – even Amazon Alexa via Thermaltake’s RGB PLUS Ecosystem software.

From the back of the TT DistroCase 350P the water channels are clearer.

The DistroCase 350P is very much an open frame, but nonetheless storage is supported – there are trays for up to 2×3.5″ or 4×2.5″ drives between the motherboard tray and the distro plate.

Clearances are 200mm for PSU and 320mm for GPU. If for some reason you’re air cooling your CPU then just 130mm of headroom is available, but a case like this has a clear intent and air cooling is not that intent. Finally, the case IO available is 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 and audio.

Availability and Pricing

The Toughpower PF1 series power supplies will be available in June. Prices start at £119 for the 650W unit, rising to £129 for the 750W unit and £139 for the 850W unit.

Thermaltake’s The Tower 100 case is due in September at £79 for the black version. The white Snow Edition commands a £10 premium at £89.

The AH T200 Micro case is also due in September, starting at £139 for the black version. The white Snow Edition comes in at £149.

The Core P8 full tower case will be ready in June, with a price of £199.99.

Finally, the DistroCase 350P is due in July at an eye-watering £599.99 – there’s no question this one is a specialist product.

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