OpenBenchTable finally released to consumers! 2

Need a test bench on the go?


“The growth of overclocking as a hobby and also a pro level eSport means that more than ever before there is a genuine demand for a benchtable product that truly breaks the mould in terms of portability. Overclockers are not the static, home-based overclockers they once were – today’s overclockers want to meet with other like minded enthusiasts, traveling to OC meetups, social events and contests that are becoming more and more common around the world.


Being 8mm thick and weighing a mere 1.82kg, the OpenBenchTable is uniquely designed for travelling overclockers, enthusiasts and technical professionals who need put together a full open PC while on the road. It uniquely integrates all the components needed to quickly set up a benching or test platform including; standoffs, screws and brackets. Welcome to the next level of convenience and portability.” Taken from their website,



The test bench comes in with a insane form factor, with the dimensions being 270 MM In width, 360MM In length, the previously stated 8MM Thickness, which extends to 115MM When you raise up the legs of the test bench.

As someone who uses their test bench and changes hardware frequently when moving around the country, I have found that a 6 Inch thick test bench that I cant put in my backpack isn’t exactly what I want. This product is most definitely for those who travel a lot in their overclocking or streaming escapades.



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