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Manufacturer: Arozzi
Model: Vernazza
UK Price: N/A
EU Price: €349.00 @ Arozzi Store
US Price: N/A

Who doesn’t like to have the feel of a nice, comfy and padded entity to keep their bum from going numb during gaming sessions? I for one NEED a good comfortable chair when I’m working, gaming and generally using the PC. Over the years I have seen people use dining room chairs, garden furniture and even folding chairs at their PCs; why oh why do you do this to yourself?

Today I will be taking a look at one of the latest premium gaming chairs from a company called Arozzi; the chair is the Arozzi Vernazza. Even with such a snazzy name, Arozzi hail from Sweden and although they haven’t been around for long, they certainly have made a name for themselves across Europe. The name Vernazza originates from a small fishing village in North West Italy, certainly not something you would expect from a gaming chair. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with here…

The Arozzi Vernazza has a wide range of features under its pleather exterior such as height adjustment, a rocking function which allows for up to 12 degrees of wiggle room and adjustable back/armrests. Without having buzzwords such as XL in the title would make you think this chair may not be suitable for the ‘larger’ gamer, but you would be wrong! With a wide seat base and weight limit of up to 160kg/360lbs, it would seem this chair is the perfect companion for those who need the extra wiggle room or support.

Upon removing the various array of chair parts from the large brown shipping box, I was greeted with the following:

Large metal 5 spoke base

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Base

Chair mounting mechanism

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Mechanism

Arozzi Vernazza seat back

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Seat Back

Vernazza seat base with adjustable armrests

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Seat Base

Box of inserts, wheels and bolts

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Accessories

Now that we have all the parts out of the box, let’s get the Vernazza built and see how it looks/how comfortable it is…(after we take a look at the specifications of course)



Adjustable seat height 460 – 530mm 18.1-20.8 inches
Chair height 1390 – 1460mm 54.7-57.5 inches
Seat inner width 330mm 12.9″
Seat depth 580mm 22.8″
Backrest height 930mm 36.6″
Weight Capacity 160 kg 360 lbs.
Gross Weight 27 kg 59.5 lbs.
Netto Weight 23 kg 50.7 lbs.
Box Dimension 860x690x350mm 33.8 x 27.1 x 13.7 inches
Gas Lift Class-4
Seat foam density 70 kg/m³
Backrest foam density 65 kg/m³

Assembly & Closer Look

Putting the Arozzi Vernazza together wasn’t the easiest of jobs, but then again, gaming chairs in my experience have always had their clunky nature. Obviously shipping an already built gaming chair would be a logistical nightmare, but Arozzi do provide a very comprehensive instruction leaflet to make the job easier.

Here you will find the official guide in PDF format from Arozzi specifically for the Vernazza Gaming Chair –

First of all, we (me and my fiancée) decided to build this chair together because 4 hands are always better than 2! You could of course build/construct this chair yourself; although I found it much easier with an extra pair of hands on hand…get it? Nope, let’s move on!

First of all, the 5 spoke base is constructed fully of metal which is very nice. Cheaper gaming chairs use moulded plastic which not only reduces the durability, but it looks cheap too. The Class-4 gas lift mechanism featured on the Vernazza is good enough for up to 160kg/360lbs of weight and is a testament to the overall quality of this chair.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Installation 2

The hardest part we found was connecting the seat base to the seat back; this required the most effort, but once the first bolt is in place, it’s plain sailing from there. After you have connected both together, you can place the plastic cover over the top, which simply clips into place.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Installation 1

Next, we popped the 5 included wheels into the star metal base. The wheels not only look premium, but they have a very strong build quality about them.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Installation 3

After this, we attached the chairs mechanism to the base of the seat base; it’s held in place with strong metal bolts and once screwed in tight, it’s as solid as they come.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Installation 4

Here we have the finished Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair in all its orange and black glory; it’s available in 7 different colours. The fully pleather (PVC leather) external coating feels premium, but it still doesn’t have that proper leather finish or touch to it. It still looks absolutely amazing as you can see.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review 1

The Vernazza features a removable lumbar support cushion for the small of your back. This is paramount to preventing bad backs during long gaming/work sessions and provides excellent support.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review 2

In addition to the lumbar cushion, the Vernazza also features a neck cushion which can be positioned for maximum comfort of your neck. The purpose of the cushions is to provide support to the neck and spinal regions thus increase the longevity of your backbone and muscles.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review

Both the armrests are fully adjustable including height, depth and overall camber positioning. This is very useful if you find the armrests an annoyance or you want to raise or lower your elbows.

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review 3

In addition to the 12 degrees of wobble room in the chair, with this lever, you can adjust the overall angle of the backrest. You can even lie down on this chair if you wish, although I don’t recommend it if you weigh too much; the base does balance it the chair out very well however!

Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review 4


Being a huge advocate of comfortable gaming chairs, I have used/owned a fair few from top companies around the world. The main question is, does the Arozzi Vernazza impress me or does the high-end price of €349 put me off? Well, the short answer to both questions is yes and no…

The price in my opinion is very reasonable for a chair of this quality and calibre; a DX racer on similar specification would set you back a bit more. Arozzi might not say it or market it this way, but the Vernazza is catered to the heavier user as opposed to the svelte, small and lightweight kind. With a seat base width of 54cm and depth of 58cm, it’s easy to see that this chair is going to fit larger rear ends. Even so, it fits mine no problems and I’m quite a stocky, tall and heavy guy; this chair doesn’t even feel like it is being pressured, unlike other chairs I have used over the years.

Focusing on the comfort, the pleather foam filled padded is very adequate in my opinion and I have to say I really do like the neck cushion provided. Not only is it unique from other brands on the market, but you can slot it around the back of your neck like a travel pillow and use the large backrest to support your weight. Design wise everything is top notch from the stitching, all the way down to the wheels used; everything is well made without compromising on quality and let’s be honest, there shouldn’t be any compromises given the large price tag.

When directly compared to my GT Omega Master XL, it’s a very close battle which is won out by the Arozzi Vernazza. Why may you ask? Well for one it’s built better (GT Omega makes very solid chairs) and I actually think it’s more comfortable. I’m a huge GT Omega fan so saying that has broken the mould for me in terms of gaming chairs.

My only gripe really is the availability! It’s available from the official Arozzi store for €349 and can be shipped virtually anywhere in the EU for a very small fee of around €9.95. This is fantastic overall, but it would be nice to see these chairs being stocked by some major retailers. Unfortunately, these models aren’t currently available in the United States as of yet; if they were, I would imagine they would be very popular.

If you’re a large heavy offset person and want a solid, stylish and top quality gaming chair, the Arozzi Vernazza ticks all the boxes and with this model being available in 7 different colours, there is no excuse not to treat yourself! The price may be high, but large/XL chairs usually carry the extra premium and you can be confident you’re buying a chair built with superb standards and quality.

Huge thanks to Arozzi for sending the Vernazza gaming chair in for review.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



+ Suitable for the larger gamer/user (up to 160kg/360lbs)
+ Available in 7 different colours
+ Good price considering the features on offer
+ Has very comfy padding and feels very roomy
+ Neck cushion is a superb addition to a fine gaming chair


– Not available currently in the US
– Cheaper options available from other brands offering similar specifications

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