Stormfall: Age of War, Overview of Plarium's Browser MMO Game

Review of Plarium’s Browser MMO Game Stormfall: Age of War

Do you like to strategize, to use your ability skills and to interact with other players? In that case MMORPG’s games might interest you, especially Stormfall: Age of War.

Stormfall: Age of war is a browser-based strategy game, which takes place in an historical fictional period of the lands of Darkshine. The land is in turmoil, as rival Lords battle over what is left of the great Empire of Stormfall and your role is to battle your way in order to protect your Castle and resources.

Stormfall’s Official Game Site guide starts with the game objectives, to fortify and expand your Castle, discover the Lost Arts mysteries, and build an army that will help you to defeat your enemies. The game requires you to combine and master strategy, diplomacy, logistics and warfare.

The game starts with a self-explanatory tutorial, it is really helpful and leads you to your small-city state, your goal among others is to expand the state city into an impressive empire. That is no small feat, but thanks to your management skills regarding the resources (Iron, Gold, and Food), you can win your battles and expand your city.

Your journey begins from your Castle around which you will require Farms, Townhouses, and Mines to supply your war efforts. Battles and Wars are important but so is Trading with other Lords at the market, there you can get needed Resources which will help you to strengthen your city state and Castle.

Each resource is stored differently, for example: your collected Gold and Iron will be stored in your Warehouses. Maintaining your troops will require a steady supply of Food from your Farms. Build Barns to stock and pile Food in times of scarcity, and use the Spring of Life to increase the production rate of your Farms.

Stormfall: Age of War emphasizes social interaction between players. Alliances are a key feature since each new agreement will open for you new technologies and warfare tactics to use, so it is no surprise that the PvP and Alliances are at the core of this game. When you are a part of a group, your overall influence on the land and its inhabitants has much more impact and it grows as you and your allies gain more and more power.

Stormfall: Age of War requires you to think before you do anything, what kind of game you wish to play defense or offence? Are you going to protect your castle and resources or attack your enemies? If you belong to an Alliance you need to coordinate these decisions within your group, that will help you advance in the game.

MMO games give you plenty of opportunities to learn from your victories, and your mistakes, so keep up with the game both at good and bad times then you will surely become a Champion.

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