I was first introduced to Quersus back in April of last year, when they sent me their first foray into the gaming chair market with their EVOS model. Back then I was hugely impressed with it, and it rightly walked away with every top award that Play3r offers.

Now Quersus are back with a new model, and when they asked if I wanted to test one out I jumped at the chance… this time, it’s the VAOS!


Closer Look & Assembly

I have been critical of the packing of some chairs for shipping, but once again there are no concerns with Quersus. Care has been taken to fit everything into the box, wrapped in copious amounts of bubble wrap & foam, so that it reaches you in perfect condition.

The chair arms come pre-installed on the seat base, so once unpacked you have the chair back, mechanism & base to piece together before your new chair is up & running.

I have built a few gaming chairs in my time, and whilst none of them are particularly difficult to build, some are easier than others… and Quersus have once again delivered on the simplicity factor. A nice glossy, easy to follow instruction booklet is included, but all it takes is 10 bolts in total, with everything else slotting together. The whole process from start to finish literally takes minutes.

Quersus employ a method of attaching the seat back to the base by using a thick, rigid bracket, which makes it extremely easy to affix the two together. Whilst this means that you can’t recline the chair to a near horizontal position, I personally prefer this style. The benefit is that when you recline the backrest, the seat base doesn’t tilt too much at the same time. I also never use a fully reclining chair back, and I don’t know anyone else who does either.

The Finished Look

If you have read my review of my first Quersus chair last year, you will know that I was a huge fan of the finished look. It is therefore no surprise that I absolutely love the VAOS also… in fact, I think I like this one even more!

The VAOS is designed a little larger than the EVOS, with a slightly wider seat base, and bigger side bolsters on the back rest. This I feel gives a slightly more supported fit around the base of the back, but still doesn’t feel too restricted.

Once again, lumbar support is built into the interior of the chair, and is adjusted using a simple dial on the side of the back rest. I much prefer this to a separate cushion, as the level of support can be easily changed on the fly.

Quersus offer the VAOS in 3 slightly different variations, but I have always had PU leather gaming chairs in the past, so this time I was interested to test out a fabric covered chair. I opted for the 501 variant, that offers a mostly canvas upholstery, with PU leather inserts.

The fabric feels to be of a very high quality, and looks like it will be extremely hard wearing. When (if) the warm summer months come to the UK, it will be interesting to see if a fabric chair keeps you cooler during long sessions at my desk.

The same 4 directional arm rests make a welcome return on the VAOS, which offer plenty of adjustment depending upon your preference. Whilst mostly solid in construction, there is a small amount of give in the armrest surface, which offers a little comfort as opposed to hard plastic armrests.

The whole chair is finished off with some of the finest stitching I have seen on a gaming chair, and it is flawless throughout the entire surface of the upholstery.

Quersus VAOS 501 Gaming Chair Review: Our Verdict

What’s Hot:

  • Stunning looks… I have yet to see a Quersus chair that I don’t like the look of
  • Superb quality of build & materials
  • Integrated lumbar support offers great personalised adjustment
  • Huge range of options with 3 different design choices, including the fabric option we have here
  • Personalised stitching available on memory foam neck cushion

What’s Not:

  • Absolutely nothing, I love it!

The VAOS is available now direct from the Quersus website for £329, which isn’t the cheapest chair on the market… but then it also isn’t the most expensive either. For the money, you are getting a top-quality product. I have seen a large number of gaming chairs in the last couple of years, and Quersus occupy 2 of my top 3 of all time, I rate them that highly.

The craftsmanship on display here is top notch, and not only does it look amazing, but the VAOS offers supreme comfort also.

I started off this review mentioning that Quersus walked away with all of our top awards last time they appeared on Play3r… and I’m going to end the review by adding to that haul. The Quersus VAOS gets our top Platinum award, and I’m giving it my Editors Choice award to add to their trophy cabinet!

Platinum Award - Play3r


Huge thanks to Quersus for sending the VAOS 501 in for review

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