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Introduction & Specification

A throne to park my rear, a throne to compliment my gear. I need a gaming chair, oh sorry Mrs there is yet another large box in the living room.

Over the past couple of years Nitro Concepts have appeared on the market with some interesting gaming chairs, some designed on standard racing seat makeups and some with more futuristic design accents.

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing one of Nitro Concepts latest releases the S300, Atomic Green in this instance.

Before delving into some photos lets take a gander at the specifications.


Manufacturer: Nitro Concepts
Main colour: Black
Accent colour: Green
Total height (with base): ca. 128 – 140 cm
Height adjustability: ca. 48 – 61 cm
Width backrest (shoulder level): 53 cm
Width backrest (pelvis level): 56 cm
Width backrest (point of contact): 48 cm
Length backrest: ca. 87 cm
Width seating area (total): ca. 57 cm
Width seating area (point of contact): ca. 47 cm
Depth seating area (total): ca. 56 cm
Depth seating area (point of contact): ca. 47 cm
Width armrest: ca. 9,5 cm
Depth armrest: ca. 25,5 cm
Armrests adjustable: 3D
Rocking mechanism: max. 14°
Maximum weight (user): 135 kg
Package dimensions: 88 cm x 68 cm x 38 cm
Net weight (chair): 24,5 kg
Gross weight (chair): 27,5 kg
EAN: 4251442501419
Product number: NC-S300-BG
_dp_original: 461
Recline angle of backrest: 90° – 135°

A Closer Look

Nitro S300 Box

Apologising again to the lovely Mrs as a large box lands in the living room among other parcels that arrive due to the time of year. Its big and heavy, this is not some lightweight budget chair.

Nitro S300 Box contents

Standing on tip toes I managed to get the contents of the box into frame, that Atomic Green on the Nitro Concepts S300 is very vivid indeed, I don’t see any radiation warnings so I think I am good to go. We have the backrest and seat, an instruction manual and a large box marked accessories. Furthermore we have a stylish base bracket, a lumbar support and a headrest cushion.

Nitro S300 accessories

Unpacking the box of accessories, we have some backrest mounting covers, a gas cylinder cover along with the gas cylinder which feels like its a bit more sturdy than what you get with many chairs. A pack of bolts, screws and a tool which doubles as a hex key and screwdriver. A bag with 5 fairly plain wheels, I was hoping for some sporty looking ones, or at least some of the Atomic Green featured on them, and finally the big adjuster seat bracket that brings the whole thing together.

Nitro S300 under seat

A pleasing sight greets us as we look underneath the seat of the chair, elastic strengthening bands and some very thick sturdy metal mounting brackets for the assembly. Normally the assembly just screws into the underside of the seat which is often supported by plywood, here however strength and build quality really shows through.

Nitro S300 assembled

Here is the chair all assembled, the instructions were pretty clear and with the precision engineering of the parts, it only took around 15 to 20 minutes to get everything into place. Building this was easy and the finished result does look quite striking. The seat is quite wide, catering for a greater audience, along with the 135kg weight limit, the chair should suit just about anyone.

Nitro S300 left side

Rotating the Nitro Concepts S300 around showing it’s left hand side, we get to see the mounting bracket cover piece in place, covering bolts and unsightly metal braces. The sofa behind is a fairly large two seater, just to give us an idea of the scale of the chair as it is on the big side.

Nitro S300 back

Around the back of the chair, the lumbar support and headrest straps can be managed to adjust the cushions to suit, not much else to write home about here other than it’s familiar form as with many car seat style chairs.

Nitro S300 right side

Taking a look at the right hand side of the chair, we can see the backrest adjustment lever which takes you back almost to a completely laid back position and forward enough to push the user forwards over a desk, although this wouldn’t be a very healthy position to sit in.

Underneath the backrest lever we find the gas lift adjuster, there is a tilt/rock function by pulling this lever outwards should you wish to rock back a little.

Nitro S300 arm adjust

While the armrests appear to be typical of these types of chair, the Nitro Concepts S300 adds an extra level of adjustment, in addition to height and rotational adjusting, you can also slide the tops forwards and backwards, this could help prevent interference with the edge of a desk.

Nitro S300 material stitching

Looking closely at the material and stitching, the S300 is made of some very sturdy feeling cloth with tidy stitching. It appears to be capable of lasting quite a while which is reassuring as gaming chairs are often used for long computing sessions. I would say the quality could easily match chairs often chosen for office use.

Performance & Testing

The Nitro Concepts S300 gaming chair is most definitely aimed at prolonged use suiting a broad audience. Building the chair was very easy only taking 15 to 20 minutes, once complete and after adjusting the chair to my desired settings a comfortable experience was had playing games and of course writing reviews.



Precision engineering has gone into even the smallest detail with the S300, assembly was incredibly easy, even without the clear manual the parts fit together with little effort offering a flush attractive finish. The included tool is more than capable of assembling the chair, so you won’t have to worry about needing anything else to hand. The inclusion of an extra bolt and screw is really thoughtful, just in case something should happen to one of the others.


The padding within the chair is pretty solid, giving the S300 a feel of support. The many adjustments on offer mean that obtaining a comfortable seating position is not only easy but can be tweaked to suit just about any preference, including a nice little extra of being able to adjust the armrests horizontally as well as vertical and rotational adjustment. I have always recommended these chairs for anyone wanting serious back support especially as lumbar and headrest cushions are included in most cases, the S300 included. I will have no problem using this chair for long gaming and reviewing sessions in front of my computer.

Build Quality

The parts are all built to a very high standard, there are extra components especially under the seat area designed to strengthen the chair, extra elasticated bands under the seat and a thick metal frame which mounts the lower components. The whole thing is very sturdy and should easily stand the test of time. The material feels hard wearing and the stitching together of the various parts is neat and strong.


The overall design doesn’t deviate from existing racing style chairs, it is of course well constructed as mentioned, the styling is in line with the racing seat gaming chair setup, there is a little extra flair here and there such as colour matching stripes on the wheel base. Disappointingly the wheels are standard plastic office wheels, it would have been much better to include some of the ‘alloy’ style wheels we see on some competitors chairs.

The Nitro Concepts S300 is also available in other colours if a rather radioactive looking Atomic Green isn’t quite your thing.

Final Thoughts

So here we have the S300 Gaming Chair from Nitro Concepts, available at the time of writing for around £230  it is a little more expensive than some of the competition but is by far not the most expensive. For your extra outlay you get an exceptionally designed and machined chair that will withstand quite a lot of punishment. The easy assembly of the very sturdy components takes very little time and presents a supportive chair for work and play that caters to a very wide audience. I actually think the chair is pretty good value for money but would have liked some fancy wheels to go with the otherwise great styling.

To finish I have great pleasure in awarding the Nitro Concepts S300 chair a Gold Award, as it sits well above budget offerings without going too insane on the price, the quality offered should ensure the chair lasts years.

The Nitro Concepts S300 is available from a wide range of stores in the UK, including Argos, Overclockers UK, CCL, Novatech and Box. For a full list of worldwide stockists, visit the Nitro Concepts website HERE.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Easy Assembly
– Very Solid
– Ergonomic Design
– Attractive Value

– No Fancy Wheels

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