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noblechairs comfort-based offerings are no stranger to Play3r as just over a year ago Dave reviewed the Noblechairs ICON gaming chair. Not only did the ICON amaze Dave, but I know for a fact he uses it on a daily basis, even getting rid of his old gaming chair in the process. Fast forward to now and noblechairs has just launched a brand-new gaming chair called the HERO. What’s so special about the HERO is its versatility, unprecedented style and most importantly, it’s intended to support bigger users such as myself!

Soon as I was offered the chance to test and review one, I jumped at it, after all, my current gaming chair (GT Omega) was falling apart after a couple of years and it was time my bum got some special treatment given I spend most of my life at a computer screen writing review after review! Consider this to be a guest review of the noblechairs HERO, as I no longer work for the Play3r website, but I have seen my fair share of gaming chairs over the years and it was going to be obvious that if the HERO needed a good and fair review, it would be me doing it!

noblechair HERO Specifications & Features


  • Integrated Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Larger Size
  • 4D Armrest with soft PU padding
  • Full Inner Foam Construction
  • Solid Inner Metal Frame
  • Breathable Fabric Cover
  • Vibrant Coloring
  • Silent 60mm PU Casters
  • Class 4 Gas Lift
  • DIN EN 1335 Certification
  • Butterfly Tilt Mechanism
  • Stylish Air channel
  • Intricate stitching


  • ca. 30 kg
  • Rocking Mechanism Tilt: max. 11°
  • Backrest Adjustability: 45° (90°-135°)
  • Manufacturer’s Guarantee: 2 Years


  • Total Height (with base): 137cm / 53.96″
  • Seat Pan Height (with base): 48 – 56 cm
  • Backrest Height: 89cm / 35.04″
  • Backrest Width (shoulder level): 57cm / 22.44″
  • Backrest Width (pelvis level): 56cm / 22.05″
  • Backrest Width (point of contact): 32.5cm / 12.8″
  • Seating Area Width (total): 52cm / 20.47″
  • Seating Area Width (point of contact): 35cm / 13.78″
  • Depth Seating Area (total): 55cm / 21.65″
  • Depth Seating Area (point of contact): 50cm / 19.69″
  • Armrest Width: 10.5cm / 4.13″
  • Armrest Depth: 27cm
  • Recommended Maximum Weight: 150kg


  • Steel (frame)
  • Cold foam (internal upholstery)
  • Top grain leather, Polyurethane vegan faux leather (cover)
  • Aluminium (base)
  • Polyurethane (armrests)
  • Nylon, polyurethane (casters)
  • Memory foam (headrest)
  • Velour (pillows, side strips)

noblechairs HERO Assembly & Closer Look

As you would expect, shipping a gaming chair for numerous reasons including logistics and economy, the chair comes essentially flat packed in its box ready for assembly. The box itself is huge and required the courier to struggle with it up to the flat! The smaller box contains a noblechairs footrest, which we’ll take a look at in a separate review.

noblechair HERO packaging

Before we look at some of the stages of the installation, here’s the official diagram including sizing of the noblechairs HERO gaming chair and dimensions; note the seat base width of 35cm which is designed for, and is perfect for, those with larger rear ends like myself.

noblechair Hero Size Measurements

Inside the box, noblechairs has gone to great effort to ensure each and every chair arrives without damage. With how some couriers can treat parcels and packages, the chair is covered in bubble wrap, a plastic sheeting, tough white foam and even a sheet of foam to cover the top. Not bad!

noblechair HERO packaging 2

The noblechairs HERO comes with everything inside the box to get the chair installed and set up, including screws, bolts and a Hex/Philips Allen-key to get things put together. There is a premium installation guide which isn’t just a piece of paper like most, but it’s great and informative!

noblechair HERO instruction manual

The first step in the instruction manual is to attach the tilt mechanism to the base of the seat. The chair comes pre-supplied with 5 bolts with spring washers, as well as regular washers for installation. If in doubt, refer to the instruction manual as it’s pretty comprehensive.

noblechair HERO assembly (1)

Next step is to install the 5 wheels onto the solid aluminum base. These simply click into place and went in without too much effort, but the most important thing here is that they are secure.

noblechair HERO assembly (2)

The next part involves slipping the hydraulics into the wheel base, which requires the plastic hydraulic sleeve to be placed on top. This simply slots into place with minimal effort.

noblechair HERO assembly (3)

After that, it’s time to pop the seat base with the attached tilt mechanism onto the hydraulic and wheel base.

noblechair HERO assembly (4)

Up next is the backrest installation. The bolts needed are pre-screwed in, so they need removing temporarily.

noblechair HERO assembly (5)

With the bolts removed, it’s advised that you pull the lever to let the adjustable mounting bracket come forward. Beware as it comes back very fast and if it hits you in the hand, it’ll surely cause some serious damage! There is a caution sticker on the bracket and it’s well documented within the instruction manual.

noblechair HERO assembly (6)

Once that’s done, it’s a case of lining the backrest up to the mounts and screwing the bolts in place.

noblechair HERO assembly (7)

The next step of installing the plastic covers is an easy job and this is where the Philips side of the Allen-key comes into play.

noblechair HERO assembly (8)

In the box, the HERO comes with 1 armrest pre-installed to the chair, while the other one does need installing. This is simple and the bolts are installed into the chair, so they need removing and then put back in with the armrest in place. The armrests are adjustable in terms of how far they go out, or come in and depending on how you sit with your elbows resting, is a nice feature for noblechairs to include. To adjust, all you need to do is loosen the bolts, adjust the arm rest’s position and tighten back up! Viola!

noblechair HERO assembly (9)

All that’s left to do is slide on the 2 plastic levers onto the side. The right lever adjusts the chairs height which is controlled by a mixture of weight and hydraulics. The left lever adjusts the tilt mechanism and once you’ve got the right set up, you just flip it back into place and it’s done.

noblechair HERO assembly (10)

The 4D armrests are quite large in size and offer unparalleled customization if you need something that isn’t just set in a singular place. The armrests offer adjustments to the height, depth, width and even the angle, and feature a PU padded coating which means they’re grippy, but comfy at the same time.

noblechair HERO gaming chair

On the upper section of the backrest, an embossed noblechairs logo is present which looks good quality, a crown fit for a throne, which is fit for a king!

noblechair HERO logo

The noblechair HERO comes with 2 pillows, 1 for the headrest and another for lumbar support. These are my favorite highlight of ANY noblechairs product as they are so soft, fluffy and I wish my girlfriend was made of this material, seriously, they are so plush and comfortable!

noblechair HERO head pillow

Here we have the noblechair HERO in all of its glory and ready to be used. We have the black model with white stitching, but this particular model is also available in all-black, black with blue stitching, black with gold stitching, black with red stitching as well as other more expensive models featuring real leather! Classy stuff. All they need now is an all-white one and then I can have twins!

noblechair HERO gaming chair 2

Time to give you the low down on what’s good, what’s not so good (if anything) and whether or not I would buy one or not!

The noblechair HERO Review: The Verdict

The noblechairs HERO is a gaming chair designed for larger people to be able to game, and use their PC in comfort. The HERO is available for £350 at Overclockers UK and Caseking, with real leather models featuring the same dimensions coming in at around £550; a steep price premium, but real leather isn’t cheap and is a more premium material.

The quality of the HERO is superb, from the overall build quality to the package presented within the box, it took me little under 30 minutes to install the chair which is probably the quickest chair I’ve installed so far. I have owned at least 6 since I switched to PC gaming and I have to be honest, the noblechair HERO is the comfiest thus far. One thing that’s important to note is the attention to detail, on this particular model (black with white stitching), the stitching is near perfect and is done amazingly; it looks great and looks robust too and it’s something I find goes first on furniture, stitching is something that shouldn’t be compromised on and noblechairs spares no expense on this model, especially with the solid aluminum base which is the foundation the chair is built upon.

noblechair HERO stitching

The feature set is good too with the HERO having a 90 to -135° which is 45° of tilt within the mechanism. The height is also adjustable, which maxes out at 137cm which means taller users won’t have an issue using this chair. The maximum recommended weight limit is 150KG, which is quite standard for gaming chairs that support larger people nowadays; people needing chairs with heavier support may need to look for a specialist company, but expect to pay ridiculous pricing. The rocking mechanism is controlled by the twisty knob underneath the chair and has give for around 11° of movement. The armrests offer adjustments to the height, depth, width and even the angle which is perfect for those needing to adjust for a more ergonomic position; the knob on the side of the chair also allows you to adjust the amount of back support in the chair, which can be increase or decreased depending on your preferred configuration.

What’s hot:

  • Top quality materials used including aluminium, steel and PU leather
  • The included cushions (head and lumbar) are just the best!
  • Available with various colour stitching including blue, red, white and all-black
  • Solid build quality throughout and a great price to boot
  • Instruction manual is easy to follow and assembly was quick and easy (compared to other gaming chairs I have built and used)
  • 2-year warranty as standard
  • The stitching quality is superb
  • The HERO is perfect for the larger gamer, user and enthusiast looking for comfort during long sessions on the PC

What’s not:

  • No white model available, I LOVE me some white chairs and gear (not really a con, just my opinion and preference)

The noblechairs HERO is a superb gaming chair in every sense of the word from the build quality, to the comfort, to all the final touches such as the pillows and stitching. You will be hard pressed to find a better offer that’s cheaper and although cheaper gaming chairs do seem attractive, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. The HERO is certainly the chair for the larger gamer or user, without sacrificing on quality and paying over the odds. Highly recommended by me and more than deserves our Platinum Award based on the price, as well as the Design Award based on the style and comfort. Additionally, it’s receiving our Recommended Award because it’s HIGHLY recommended and our Editor’s Choice award as quite frankly I will use this every day and know that I’m supported ergonomically just like I deserve to be!

Play3r Award PlatinumPlay3r Design Award

Play3r Recommended Award

Thanks to noblechairs for sending a sample of the HERO gaming chair in for review.

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noblechairs-hero-gaming-chair-reviewThe noblechairs HERO is a superb gaming chair in every sense of the word from the build quality, to the comfort, to all the final touches such as the pillows and stitching. You will be hard pressed to find a better offer for cheaper and although cheaper gaming chairs do seem attractive, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and the HERO is certainly the chair for the larger gamer or user, without sacrificing on quality and paying over the odds.

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