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When noblechairs launched their EPIC Series of gaming chairs last year, it was widely coveted as one of the best money can buy, certainly warranting its boastful name. Now, they are back with a new model…and this time it’s the ICON. Can it compete with (or even surpass) the EPIC, which walked away with a host of our awards when Gavin reviewed it last year? Let’s find out!

noblechairs ICON box


noblechairs ICON size

  • Total height (with base): ca. 1280 – 1380 cm
  • Height adjustability: ca. 480 – 580 mm
  • Width backrest (shoulder level): ca. 390 mm
  • Width backrest (pelvis level): ca. 520 mm
  • Width backrest (point of contact): ca. 295 mm
  • Length backrest: ca. 860 mm
  • Backrest adjustability (static): 90° – 135°
  • Width seat (total): ca. 515 mm
  • Width seat (point of contact): ca. 340 mm
  • Depth seat (total): ca. 570 mm
  • Depth seat (point of contact): ca. 490 mm
  • Width armrests: ca. 100 mm
  • Depth armrests: ca. 245 mm
  • Rocking mechanism: max. 11°
  • Armrests adjustable: Yes (four-dimensional)
  • Maximum weight (user): 180 kg
  • Net weight (chair): ca. 28 kg
  • Gross weight (chair): ca. 30 kg
  • Package dimensions: ca. 87 * 37 * 70 cm
  • UK Fire safety compliance: BS 5852
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years

Closer Look & Assembly

As you would expect with a premium product, the ICON is packaged really well to ensure no damage occurs during transit. The box itself is made of really thick corrugated cardboard, with re-enforced supports inside each corner. Each of the components is wrapped in protective bags or bubble wrap, and everything sits within a thick foam frame, to ensure nothing inside moves around.

noblechairs ICON unboxing

I’m not going to dwell too much on the assembly of the ICON, as it follows the standard method employed by just about every chair on the market today, with the finished article taking just a few minutes to achieve.

When everything is unboxed, the parts list is a familiar sight to anyone who has previously purchased a similar chair.

noblechairs ICON contents

What is immediately apparent, is that whilst the components of the chair look familiar, close up everything oozes quality. Build quality is top notch, and the finish is of a really high quality. Even the areas of the chair that won’t be visible when in use (such as the underside of the seat base) is finished off with neat folds to the leather, and shiny chrome finished bolts holding everything together.

noblechairs ICON underneath

A further example of the attention to detail, is the plastic fascia’s that cover the recline mechanism. Even these get the noblechairs branding, further enhancing the premium feel of the chair.

noblechairs ICON cover

The feel of the PU leather on the seat and backrest has a real premium feel to it, and the stitching work that adorns the upholstered sections is absolutely faultless. I opted to go with the platinum white stitching, and it looks truly stunning in the flesh.

noblechairs ICON upholstery

The more visible branding elements are still quite subtle. A nice, deeply etched noblechairs logo sits front & centre on the headrest section, whilst a small noble badge is affixed to the centre of the backrest.

noblechairs ICON branding

Finally, before we look at the finished article, another nod to a small feature, but an ingenious one! The neck support cushion comes with a neoprene like material, applied to the back of the pillow, as well as the elasticated band. This ensures that when it is placed in the desired location on the headrest, it doesn’t slip or slide on the leather. Genius!

noblechairs ICON cushion strap

The Finished Look

If you have read all of the above, it’s going to come as no surprise that the completed chair looks amazing. If you haven’t read the above, and have skipped to down to this point… then feast your eyes on this!

noblechairs ICON chair

In its full glory, the noblechairs ICON looks stunning…but that’s only half the story. From a comfort perspective, it really hits the sweet spot. It’s firm enough to provide really good support, yet soft enough to be really comfortable straight out of the box… something that can’t be said for some other big names in the gaming chair market. The seat bolsters are also really comfortable, and they don’t protrude too much either, providing a gentle hug of the torso when seated.

The 4D armrests offer a huge amount of adjustment, and I’m a big fan of these. In fact, they look identical to the ones that came on the Quersus Evos chair I reviewed earlier this year, so it’s possible that they are sourced from the same manufacturer.

noblechairs ICON lumbar

The pillows are simply to die for! I personally preferred not to use the bolster support below, as I tend to like to sit far back on the seat base. Even without it though, the contour of the seat back provides perfectly adequate support, and throughout my week of testing I have had no back pain at all through not using the additional support pillow.

noblechairs ICON neck

Whilst I haven’t used the bolster in day to day usage of the ICON, I certainly have used the neck pillow. This is comfort off the scale, and thanks to the grippy material I mentioned earlier, it has stayed in place throughout my whole week of testing, and hasn’t moved once.


I started the review questioning whether the ICON could live up to it’s stable mate, the EPIC…well it does…and for my taste, surpasses it!


Build quality of the ICON is right up there with the best we have seen, and arguably, THE best we have seen. The materials used, it’s construction, and the finish of the chair is all premium. From a comfort point of view, it’s an absolute pleasure to sit in. Only time will tell how it ages, but I have no doubt that it will stand the test of time.


The styling of the ICON is little more subdued, foregoing the race car looks, for something more akin to an Aston Martin… and I love it.

There is a multitude of different colour options, but I personally love the contrast of the white stitching on the black leather. It’s subtle, but it really picks out the crisp embroidery on the chair, giving it a really distinctive look.


At the time of the review the ICON in PU leather comes in at a penny under £330 in the UK, with a top grain leather version available for £520. There are cheaper chairs on the market, but they aren’t anywhere near the quality of the ICON. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” applies here… the ICON commands a premium price, but for that you are getting a premium product.

Final Thoughts

On some reviews, I really have to reflect when giving an award… today I have no such dilemma!

Firstly, it gets our top Platinum award. Only one other chair has ever received this, and that was the Quersus EVOS. The ICON is at least a match for that, and I love them both for different reasons. On top of that, I’m giving it our Design award. Too many chair manufacturers are re-hashing the same designs, so it’s nice to see that noblechairs have shunned that approach, to give us something that looks elegant and really stylish, yet still performing at the highest level.

Finally, it gets my Editor’s Choice Award. I have used the Quersus daily since I reviewed it earlier this year, and I was certain that I wouldn’t find a chair for some time that I would swap it for… well I was wrong.

My solution is simple… I’m keeping both!

Platinum Award - Play3r



Purchase from Overclockers UK: £329.99

Also available worldwide:

USA – $369.90

Germany – €369.90

All Other Regions

Massive thanks to Overclockers and noblechairs for sending the ICON in for review.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Superb comfort out of the box
– Amazing quality of materials and construction
– Eye catching style that oozes luxury


– Premium price tag (but it absolutely deserves it, as its a premium product)

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  1. About 1 year after this review, could you share some thoughts about this product. Does the Noblechairs Icon resisted intense use? The structure and PU cover remains in a good state?

    • Hi Rodolfo, thanks for your question. I can confirm that it still looks as good as the day it arrived. If you are considering buying one, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks, Dave

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