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For a brand-new company to break into the gaming chair market, they need to do something different. It is not enough for anyone to launch a new range of chairs, that is just a re-hash of already popular designs…the market in that respect is pretty much sewn up by a couple of well-known companies.

Quersus Logo

Enter Quersus…a group based in Europe, promising a chair designed by engineers, in collaboration with graphic artists. A quick read of their website gives us a flavour of their mission statement…and it includes some very big claims; elimination of existing drawbacks in gaming chair designs, using materials of the highest quality, producing a product of unequalled futuristic design…and perhaps most ambitious, the claim to set the new bench mark. Wow, that’s some list of bold claims, right?

Quersus gave us the option of choosing any of their chairs, in any colour combination, to put these claims to the test. Read on for my thoughts on the Quersus Evos 300.


Quersus Evos Dimensions

  • Highest quality cold-cure foam
  • Immaculate stitching
  • Adjustable lumbar region
  • Multi-position 4D armrests
  • Soft, very thick and extremely durable faux leather
  • Reinforced metal star base
  • Non-scratching wheels
  • Suggested user height: 5’3” – 5’11”
  • Reclining/rocking function up to 140 degrees
  • Quality class 4 piston
  • 264lbs weight user limit
  • Chair gross weight 64lbs
  • 24 month warranty
  • Free memory foam headrest cushion

Closer Look & Assembly

As a product reviewer here at Play3r, I’m lucky enough to get lots of deliveries of cool stuff on a regular basis, but I haven’t been quite as excited to receive a new product for quite a long time. The Quersus website looks gorgeous, and the images of the chairs shown look amazing. I chose to have the Evos 300 sent to my house, as I planned to put it through it’s paces in my home office.

As expected, the box the Evos 300 comes delivered in is huge and weighs in at 30kgs, so take that into account if taking delivery.

Quersus Evos Unboxing

Upon opening it was immediately obvious that every single part was meticulously packaged to ensure everything was protected during shipping. The seat back & base were contained within nice, thick plastic bags, and bubble wrap clad everything else in sight, from the pre-installed arm rests, to each individual leg of the star shaped chair base. Additionally, everything inside nicely slotted into think foam padding, to ensure that nothing moved around and caused any damage.

Quersus Evos Contents

With all the parts unpackaged, it was clear to see that this promised to be one very good looking chair indeed. A quick look at the nicely illustrated, glossy instructions also showed that the assembly appeared to involve just 6 easy steps to assemble the Evos 300.

Quersus Evos Assembly1

Quersus Evos Assembly2

With the castors and piston just pushing into the star base, just 10 bolts are required to achieve the finished look. Four bolts to attach the control unit to the seat base, another four to attach the angle bracket to the control unit, and then a final two which holds the seat back onto the bracket.

Quersus Evos Assembly3

It couldn’t be simpler, and the whole process took just a few minutes…in fact, it took me longer to unpack the chair, than it did to build it!

The Finished Look

Quersus Evos Finished

In no time at all, the Quersus Evos 300 is ready for use. The pictures really don’t do this chair justice…it is simply stunning to look at. When looking at glamorous marketing shots on a website, there’s always the chance that the product in the flesh won’t quite look as polished…but this couldn’t be further from the truth here. I’ve had first-hand experience of a number of gaming chairs to date, and for me personally the aesthetics of the Evos 300 are hands down the best yet.

Quersus Evos Embroidery

The thread work in both the construction and the branding is flawless, with not a missed stitch in sight. Due to the angular nature of the upholstery, there is some complex angles to be achieved, but the cover fits like a glove. There’s no sagging or bagginess anywhere, and each of the joints are nice & firm.

Quersus Evos Stitching

The quality of the faux leather is also top notch. It’s nice & soft to the touch, but also feels extremely durable…I would even go as far to say that it’s nicer than that of the GT Omega EVO XL I reviewed earlier this year.

Quersus Evos Seat

So it’s pleasing to the eye, but what does it feel like to sit in? I can tell you that the comfort matches its good looks. The cold cure foam used is firm, but still pretty soft straight out of the box. The design of the seat base with its angular side supports, makes it a really comfortable place to park your backside, and is perfectly complemented by the supportive backrest.

Quersus Evos Lumbar

For my personal taste, I find additional external lumbar pillows to be a bit of a pain, as I like just a small amount of lumbar angle to be on offer. With a separate pillow, it’s pretty much all or nothing…but with the Quersus Evos 300, you get in-built adjustable support from within the body of the seat back. Adjusting the angle of support is achieved with a quick turn of the dial that situated on the side of the chair.

Finally, the crowning glory…the cherry on the cake…the memory foam headrest! The comfort factor of this headrest is off the charts, it’s really that good. The 3-dimensional shape means that it sits nicely at the back of the neck, with a nice amount of lateral support. The quality of the memory foam inside is also great, and provides a really comfy place to rest your head.

Quersus Evos Cushion

You might have spotted earlier in the article that the cushion came personally embroidered for me, which is a nice touch by Quersus. This is an optional £25 extra, that every customer can choose to take advantage of if they so wish. It’s not necessary, and it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a great extra that Quersus offers.


There we have it…I’ve built the Quersus Evos 300, I’ve sat in it, and drooled over it…and I have to say I absolutely love it!

I appreciate that chairs are very subjective, especially when it comes to comfort and how it fits the end users body, but for me this is the best gaming chair I have used to date. The reclining mechanism suits my personal needs perfectly. The Evos 300 doesn’t feature a fully flat reclined position like some of the other brands, but instead utilises a fixed bracket from the control mechanism to the seat back. This mean that whilst it still reclines 140 degrees, the seat base stays where it is, as opposed to also tilting backwards. This for me is preferable, as I never recline to a fully flat position anyway, and I prefer for just the seat back to recline, rather than the whole unit.

So…let’s rate it in each of our three categories:


In case you haven’t read all the above, and have instead skipped straight the conclusion, I’ll re-iterate here that the Quersus Evos 300 performed impeccably. It’s comfortable & supportive in all the right areas. The internal adjustable lumbar support makes more sense to me than a large stuffed pillow, and the memory foam headrest is just to die for. The Quersus Evos 300 gets the Play3r Performance Award.


In the looks department, the Evos 300 is stunning. I wouldn’t say it’s a revolution of the gaming chair design, but more like an evolution. The overall design of the chair is very polished, and it’s the tiny details which add to the total package. The finish on all the metalwork and every single bolt, even if it isn’t visible during normal operation, is first class. At every turn the Evos 300 screams that it’s a quality product, and it gets the Play3r Design Award.


The Evos 300 isn’t cheap, but then it also isn’t the most expensive gaming chair on the market. At the time of writing prices start from £299 direct from the Quersus website. I have noticed that Quersus run regular offers on their Twitter feed however, offering discounts from 10% up to 30% at times, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out if you are ready to purchase.

Final Thoughts

It will come as no surprise to anyone that I love this chair, and as such it’s going to get an award or two. In addition to it’s stunning looks, and supreme comfort, let’s quickly review the biggest claim made by Quersus right at the outset of this article…to set the new benchmark in gaming chairs!

At a shade under £300 at the time of review, I have yet to see a chair that scores as well in all areas, for a comparable price. For me personally, all chairs from now on will be judged against this…and therefore it fulfils its destiny…the Quersus Evos 300 is the new benchmark, and as such gets the Play3r Platinum Award.

Purchase from Quersus UK: £299

Massive thanks to Quersus for sending the Evos 300 in for review.

 Awards image 1



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Superb comfort
– Top quality materials used
– Excellent design that is an evolution of existing gaming chairs
– Memory foam neck pillow
– Adjustable lumbar support
– Lots of colours to choose from
– Not cheap, but definitely worth the money


– Only available in Europe at the time of review

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