Cooler Master Introduce MasterCase Pro 3: The Fully Modular Case 1

Introducing the MasterCase Pro 3: The Fully Modular Case for a Smaller Place

  • MasterCase Pro 3 Now Available

Cooler Master, a leading manufacturer of desktop components and peripherals, today announced the MasterCase Pro 3. This is the newest installment of the MasterCase series. The goal here was to create a case that gives users the same level of customization as the MasterCase 5 but for Micro-ATX builds.

“Based on our community research, we found that Micro-ATX motherboards are becoming increasingly popular. People using Micro-ATX motherboards also want a smaller case much of the time. Therefore, we decided to make the MasterCase Pro 3 smaller than the MasterCase 5 series,” said Mark, Product Marketing lead for cases. “Being part of our MasterCase series, the Pro 3 is also modular thanks to our FreeFormTM system, allowing users to customize, adjust, and upgrade their case the way they want. Moreover, despite being a mini-tower, this case is able to handle large components like long PSUs, tall CPU coolers and long graphics cards. Users can finally enjoy powerful PC rigs without having to use an ATX case.”


Reduced Size – The MasterCase 5 series offers users the ability to freely customize and adjust their cases both internally and externally in order to create the PC of their dreams. The MasterCase Pro 3 offers the same level of customization in a smaller size for users who aren’t looking to have ATX sized builds.

Plenty of Space – While the MasterCase Pro 3 is a Micro-ATX case, it is large enough to hold full sized parts. This case can handle up to two full sized graphics cards, a 280mm radiator for liquid cooling, fives fans, and up to eight HDDs. That’s a ton of stuff for a Micro-ATX build. Easily fit a DIY liquid cooling system with SLI/CF support for the high powered rig of your dreams.

FreeForm Modular System – Cooler Master’s focus on PC customization is built around their new FreeForm™ Modular System. The goal is to create cases that allow users the freedom to build PC’s however they want with various adjustable, swappable, and removable parts like panels, dust covers, and drive cages. The MasterCase Pro 3 uses this same system, but has added additional customization options. The Pro 3 has a removable partition panel, an additional removable cooling bracket in the front, and a sliding clip and click panel.


MasterAccessory Ecosystem – All cases in the MasterCase series are compatible with a special line of accessories, with additional add-ons being added with each new case. You can easily customize the MasterCase Pro 3 with accessories such as glass side panels, LED partitions, top and front dust covers, graphics card supports, and various lines of peripherals. All accessories can be purchased from the Cooler Master online store.

The MasterCase Pro 3 is the Micro-ATX case that works for you. With its high level of customization options, size is no longer a limiting factor in smaller builds. With the MasterCase Pro 3 you can truly “Make of it What You Will”.

Pricing & Availability:

The MasterCase Pro 3 is expected to be available at local retailers in the middle of September 2016 for a suggested retail price of £89.99

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