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2020 is shaping up to be a huge year for online video gaming and e-sports. With the entire world in lockdown mode due to the Coronavirus pandemic, games are serving an important function – keeping us sane and entertained, both alone and in the company of friends and family.

And you don’t necessarily need a high-end PC to get into online games. There are plenty of less demanding titles out there with excellent gameplay and more than decent graphics. Given the advances in HTML5, even humble browser games have grown in terms of features.

Online Game System Requirements

The question of system requirements doesn’t really arise when talking about online games that run in your browser. These are titles that can run even on 10-year-old PC hardware. If you have an older generation i3 or anything new from AMD around or above the FX-4300 series, that should provide enough processing power for these games.

As for GPUs, there is no need for a discreet card – an integrated solution like the Intel HD 4000 series should be enough. If you have a modern AMD APU like the Ryzen 3 series, even better. Just pair it with at least 8GB RAM for smooth performance – browsers like Chrome can eat into that memory if you have many tabs running.

That is all that needs to be said about computer power for these modern online games. Let’s look at the most interesting online games you can play during social distancing in 2020:

Online Slots

There are tons of slot games available free to play in 2020. With the thrill of the unknown, slots provide a soothing yet exciting experience quite unlike any other out there.  If you want the thrill of Vegas-style casino gambling, you can even have that at zero cost – just try free spins by JohnSlots. Remember though – this is strictly for folks who are over 18!

Remember those snake games on old Nokia feature phones? Slither is the same template ported to HTML5 for a modern PC browser. The gameplay is the same – you control a slithering snake with cursor keys, with the sole aim of eating the stuff that appears on the screen. The more you eat, the longer you grow, and the higher your points.


The ultimate FPS experience out there has evolved into a slick modern series, with the latest game releasing to critical acclaim in 2020. But you can still play the old classic Doom on browsers. Just enable Flash, and get ready for some demon killing.


This is an innovative FPS that is currently available on Steam and consoles. But it also has a free version available online that you can play in a browser. The idea is super cool – you have a gun and can shoot enemies, but time freezes when you stop moving. You actually end up feeling like Neo on The Matrix!


If you like deep puzzles and quirky designs, then the Samorost game series is a must-play. Released by a Czech developer Amanita Design in the 2000s, the game is now available for free play online. The game is a point and click adventure – you solve puzzles and move the story along.


This game needs no introduction – it is a timeless classic. And you can play it for free online in 2020 on your browser with zero fuss. The modern variant is more colourful, but that is probably the only thing that is different – the game is still the same. Arrange the falling blocks to clear horizontal lines without leaving any gaps.


There are tons of MMORPGs available for browser gaming in 2020, but none can top RuneScape in terms of popularity. Launched in 2001, this Guinness World Record holder has been going strong for nearly two decades now! Explore a medieval fantasy world, fight monsters, gather resources, finish quests, earn XP and do more.

DarkOrbit: Reloaded

If Sci-Fi and space adventures are more your thing, give this online space shooter a try. You control your own spaceship and enter battle against others online. There are three factions to join, each with unique powers and different ship types. DarkOrbit is available as a free to play MMO shooter.

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