Poker machines are perhaps the most fascinating casino invention of this age, as they are both exciting to play and easy to use. And you may have spent some time trying to figure out how to explore the machine in your favor. Perhaps even begged the question, what is the best time to play top online slots for real money in Australia? And while there is no definite answer to the question, there are a couple of pointers and suggestions that will throw light on the topic.

So without much ado, let’s explore the most favorable periods, to explore the pokie machine to increase your chances of getting the big wins.

Understanding the Slot Machine

Firstly, you have to understand that favorable periods to play pokies are not foolproof, and aren’t based on any working principle, however accurate they may be. This is because the outcome of any pokie spin is completely based on chance and randomness. In other words, even with these favorable periods, you still need a good deal of luck to hit the jackpot.

In all, you have to understand that the best time to play pokie only improves your chances of winning and doesn’t take away the fun of chance. So when you have fun experimenting on lucky days, always understand and remember the underlying principle of every pokie machine.

Is Timing Important When Playing Casino Games?

Before we get right into it, you probably also need the above question answered as it is very common, and comes hand in hand with what period is best to play online pokies. Well, the answer is yes, although it depends on a lot of things. First, timing is important when trying the jackpot, because players aren’t always in the right emotional state to wager on any casino game, especially if you’re going to bet real money in casino apps.

As such, certain periods that are suitable for many pokie players, may not be the best for others. This is because players differ in orientation and do not make decisions the same way. Also, timing is important to some because of perceived gambling luck which is better on some days, compared to others.

In all, how important timing is when testing the jackpot, is completely relative and depends more on you the player. So the larger answer to the question is yes, timing does matter, but a more specific answer is that it depends on you as the player.

Best Timing Based on Activity

Most online casinos and even land-based gambling houses in the Australian state all have that special pokie machine, which a good percentage of its players gamble on. As such, these games pull a lot of traffic to particular days, especially Friday nights, and generally weekend evenings. And you might want to avoid playing online slots like these, especially if you’re a beginner.

This is because the higher the number of people betting per time the lowers the volatility. And the lower the volatility, the fewer the odds of you hitting the jackpot. So it is wise to avoid the crowds, especially if you’re not experienced enough with the casino site, or the machine.

On the flip side, it is wise to try your luck, during the mornings on weekends like Saturdays and Sundays. This is because casino operators must have raked their profits during the evenings and as a result, they could pay out more frequently to the few that play during the mornings.

Best Time to Play Online Pokies on Weekdays

It is quite easier to determine favorable jackpot hours on weekends as there are usually a lot of gambling activities in any standard online casino. However, it is a little technical to do the same for weekdays and a little survey/research comes in handy. Eventually, Tuesday’s emerged from most of the studies, with a major one being that of casino expert, Bradley. The basis of these studies was also that fewer people play pokies on weekdays and Tuesday just happens to be the least busy of them all.

You could ask, why not Mondays? Since it is the first weekday of the week. Well, studies have also shown a great number of people check back casino games on Mondays, especially after having an unsuccessful weekend. So for better luck, you might want to visit that casino site on a Tuesday, preferably in the mornings.

Utilize Summer Months

Having mentioned some days of the week above, some may go wondering, if there are any best months to explore the Most Popular Games. And even when it is quite difficult to navigate entire months, to determine which ones are favorable, all summer months (June, July, and August) show a nice payout number, as well as a chance to show off your best casino attire.

This could be due to a lot of reasons. First, it is generally believed that casinos reduce their average payouts, at the beginning and toward the end of the year. This makes the first few and last few months of the year pretty tight at some casinos, producing only a few big wins.

Secondly, the summer casino halls are generally lighter, as it is a period of travel and constant outdoor life. This has a noticeable effect on the number of active players. As such, casinos mostly incentivize their games with bonuses, promos, and even bigger payouts. So what’s there not to try?

Overall, for better chances, or at least as an experiment, you should try out a reliable online casino, once it’s summer, and discover the more frequent payouts that come with those months. However, you should still proceed with caution, as you don’t want to play with online pokies solely on an unrefined study like this one.

Christmas Holidays for Online Pokie Tournaments

Christmas holidays are characterized by comfort and quality time spent indoors. This is exactly what makes the period good for exploring other casino games, especially pokie tournaments. And unlike personal bets, tournaments are characterized by prize pools, which are determined largely by the number of people participating per time. In other words, the more people playing in any tournament, the bigger you cash out if you win.

In addition, many online casinos in Australia come up with some mouth-watering bonus features during the festivities and it would be wise for any player to utilize the period.

Make Your Visit in the Early Hours

Generally, visiting an online casino in Australia in the early hours of any day gives you a slight edge over those who play when the traffic is high. This is because when you play casino games with less traffic, you tend to win a little more frequently. After all, the spread isn’t very high. However, this only holds for online pokies as a single player, as you stand a better chance of a big win, with a good number of players in pokie tournaments.

Also, when you play on a pokie machine, within the early hours of the day, you tend to make better decisions, with a clear head that isn’t bothered by stress. Nevertheless, this particular case is highly relative, and many pokies players tend to do better during the prime of the day and still win big.

In addition, the following are some very suitable online pokies with medium and high volatilities you can explore at most Australian casinos during the early hours:

  • Eagle’s Gold;
  • Bonanza Billions Cleo’s Secrets;
  • Wild Crowns;
  • Elvis Frog;
  • Pyramid of Light.

In summary, you only have to be different enough to play pokies at odd hours like the early hours of any day, which puts you in a slightly better stance if producing a big win, more frequently.

Whenever You Can Afford It

Finally, you should only play when you can afford to. Even the state governments in Australia require that gambling is heavily regulated and there should always be a limit to when you play. Being able to afford gaming expenses is pretty different from having enough money to pay them. Affording these bills entails you have more than enough to cover the expenses and still be secure.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what day it is, or what bonuses the casinos are giving out, you only bet what you can afford to lose.


So there you go, a nice rundown of the most likely periods of the day/week that you are more likely to get lucky at an online casino. From playing on Tuesdays to playing during the early hours of the day, and even during holidays, there is more than one “best time to play pokies”. And you may only have to experiment once to find out what works for you. Nevertheless, remember to be cautious and play only within your capacity.

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  1. After watching a lot of YouTube videos about pokies .. it made me aware that it’s all about timing not how lucky you are! Always wondered what day and time was the best to play online pokies after the weekends.
    Thanks for sharing .. i shall give your advice a go and report back to let you know how I go.

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