So this is something that is certainly very different to most computer cases, and because this will be a relatively drawn out project we thought we would give you all a quick preview of what is coming.

With its tiny dimensions of just 330mm x 200mm x 60mm this case really is tiny and it shall be a squeeze to even get the smallest of ITX components to fit it but we are sure we will manage.

Now the original plan was for this to be a personal project of mine, however after we got talking with Chris Howell the designer of the Diesel Engine we decided to work together to produce a custom Play3r themed case.

Well here is the outcome of the case and we must say that we are over the moon with the case, it simply looks stunning. The Diesel Engine case was the outcome of what started out as a personal project for Chris over on the Bit-Tech forums, but after receiving such great feedback on the case he has decided to make them available to everyone.

We were very impressed at the level of effort Chris had put into our single one off custom case and he even went to the effort to source orange cable ties and an orange LED vandal power switch for us. Chris has certainly gone above and beyond to make this for us.

If you would like to get some more information on the Diesel Engine case feel free to check out Chris’s thread on Bit-Tech where he has full details on the case and where to buy your own. Don’t forget to mention Play3r to get yourself 10% off.

We are planning to produce a few guides for you guys while we build up this rather dinky little PC so we hope you look forward to them and don’t worry we will ensure your kept up-to date with the progress as much as possible. At present we are waiting on some parts to come halfway around the world before we can make do any real building with the case.

Let us know your thoughts on our custom Diesel Engine case below.

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