Are Things Always Better With Bluetooth? 3

As always I find myself looking for new gadgets and gizmo’s today and I found 2 totally different items. One being the SodaStream MIX, and the other being a Kwikset Kevo E-Lock. Now I’m not sure how come I was looking at both of these at the same time, but it got me thinking are things always better with Bluetooth? The use of Bluetooth in these is to give a new whoa to current object, so let me explain how I feel about each one.

sodastream mix
SodaStream MIX

The SodaStream has now had more makeovers and relaunches than Madonna and now its come to light, the MIX will be Bluetooth-enabled and have a new cutting-edge  carbonating tech to make, in their words, “any” liquid fizzy. You can control the machine from an app on your smartphone or the big colour touch screen replaces the old buttons.

I am a typical guy and do think Bluetooth should be added to everything but come on, really? So I have to fill the bottle, insert it into the machine, then spend 5 minutes looking for my phone instead of touching the screen that was right there in front of me? 


Kwikset Kevo E-Lock
The lock mechanism is a regular deadbolt designed for a front door and even comes with an ordinary-looking key, but it also has Bluetooth built in and can electronically open using Bluetooth signal from your phone, Kevo key ring, or even a finger.
I know I’m a year or so behind on seeing this but this is how I see the future, no key and a simple tap and its open, from with I’ve it has had some issues but the idea is amazing, with some added features like the usage log, 24 hour key for friends and family. 

 Looking at both of these I realised its the ease that technology should offer not just the extra flashing lights, so better with Bluetooth? Not always. Let me know how you feel on here and in the Facebook group, or on our Facebook page.

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