Venom Vibration Stereo Gaming Headset Review - PS3/PS4 9

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Manufacturer: Venom
Model: Vibration Stereo Gaming Headset – PS3/PS4
Price: £45.99 (At the time of review @ Amazon UK)

Since 1999, UK based company Venom has taken an active role in the design and manufacturing of some amazing gaming accessories. Their products are not only affordable compared to some of the high priced market, but they are designed to a very high standard. With the old generation of consoles slipping into the past (PS3/Xbox 360) the next challenge is designing products for the current generation; not only headsets but branching out into other forms of products such as charging, storage and other gaming products.

They also have a sister website called Venom Communications that focuses on branded Smart Phone and Tablet cases; this is a nice addition to the peripheral section and should generate a nice revenue.

One of the biggest steps for the company is the new licensed manufacturing line for Sony. The company now has official products specifically designed for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. This brings us nicely into today’s headset review for the Venom Vibration Stereo Gaming Headset.

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