Valve Offers ‘Complete Steam Software Pack’ To Mac Users As Apology

Information has surfaced recently that many OS X users are currently unable to use their Steam controller or Steam Link Streaming Box after purchase due to software issues. As a result Steam are offering its ‘Complete Pack’ to all users affected as an apology, while also promising to resolve the issues soon.

In an apology email sent out to OS X gamers, Valve stated: “We greatly appreciate your early pre-purchase of the first Steam hardware units. Unfortunately, there are some temporary software issues that prevent the hardware from functioning with Macs”. The email then goes on to say that the issues should be fixed within the next few weeks.

More information on the email sent to customers can be seen below:

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The Valve complete pack has gone through a few changes over the years but right now it includes the Team Fortress games, the Counter-Strike games, all of the Half-Life titles, Ricochet, Deathmatch Classic, the Left4Dead games and finally, the two Portal titles. The usual price of the bundle is £75, though it tends to get a significant discount during sale periods.

As most users are less likely to be gaming on Mac, we believe there should have been a warning to OS X users against buying this hardware until software was patched to a degree that regular use could be accomplished. However, it is good to see such a large company taking the full brunt of their errors and offering compensation for their damages. Keep up the good work Valve!

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