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The internet is the number one place to play bingo nowadays, and more people are turning to online bingo sites each year. This is happening because the industry is doing everything in its power to attract as wide a range of players as possible. It has been tapping into the general gaming industry as well, making efforts to attract players of console and mobile games. Bingo sites do this through offering themed bingo rooms and slots.

Themed Bingo Rooms

One of the best-known things about bingo is its social side, and in the early days of the game this is how it rose to prominence. Bingo halls provided an alternative place for people to hang out, and the actual ball draw was often seen as an added bonus.

Bingo halls represented community centers, so they would be optimized to suit like-minded people from the area. With online bingo catering for a much wider market in locations all over the world, operators had to change tact in order to allow people to socialize with people who have the same interests. This is how themed bingo rooms came about.

There are a few themed bingo rooms that have been designed as a way to attract more console and mobile players. For example, Age of the Gods Bingo may appeal to people who enjoy epic games like God of War and Assassin’s Creed.

Then there are rooms like Roller Coaster and Helter Skelter that could appeal to those who like high octane thrills from their games. In addition to all of these, there are bingo rooms based on Deal or No Deal and The Big Wheel that are designed to bring in players of quiz and puzzle games.

Engaging Slots on Offer

Themed bingo rooms aren’t the only technique that bingo sites are using to try to attract audiences from other sectors of the gaming industry. The most obvious way that they do this is through themed slot games. Players may encounter titles that they are interested in, and then find themselves moving onto the bingo games at the site soon after.

Slot developers are trying their utmost to create immersive and engaging titles that share similarities with console games. The jackpots and super slots on offer at bingo sites go way beyond being simple reel spinning offerings. Now, games like Galactic Girls Jackpot and Shaman’s Dream 2 Jackpot actually come with a sort of storyline that sets the scene for players.

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Other games like Champions of Valhalla feature the kind of action that you might expect to see in a mobile MMO. Indeed, players of titles like Clash of Clans and Vikings: War of Clans may be interested in playing the game from Eyecon. The game would also nicely accompany the recently released Assassin’s Creed Valhalla from Ubisoft Montreal.

The bingo industry is trying to develop close ties to other sectors in the gaming industry in an effort to bring in more players. Console and mobile gamers may realize that there are quite a few options that appeal to them at online bingo sites nowadays.

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