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Hello everyone, I am back with a different review to normal, a portable monitor called the Vissles-M, intrigued?

I have to say I have never heard of Vissles before, they seem to do a few but varied products presented on a pleasant website, from headphones to laptop stands to chargers and a portable screen.

On my review desk today I have the Vissles-M portable monitor, a 15″ 60Hz display that more than resembles a tablet, lets take a look.

Vissles-M 15″ Portable Monitor Specifications & Features

Product Name Vissles-M
Size 15.6″
Resolution 1920 x 1080 FHD
Panel Type IPS
Display Surface Glare
Brightness 250cd/m2 (Typical)
Contrast Ratio 800:1 (Typical)
Display Area 344.16 x193.59mm
Brightness Adjustment
Low Blue Light
Battery X
OS Compatibility Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux
Gaming Console Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4
Interface USB-C power & signal port x 2
Mini HMDI port x 1
3.5mm earphone x 1
OSD Button
Power Button
  Cables USB-C to USB-C cable * 1 Mini HDMI to HDMI cable *1 USB-A to Type-C cable *1
Accessories User Manual(Paper) *1 Protective case * 1 Quick start guide
Panel Thickness 5.3mm
Net Weight 0.58kg
Protective Case

Vissles-M 15″ Portable Monitor Closer Look

vissels monitor box top

Arriving in a box with a cardboard sleeve the packaging does resemble the style for a tablet. On the front of the box is a good colour image of the device and branding.

vissels monitor box bottom

The bottom of the box contains the specifications but no other images or marketing.

vissels monitor box contents

Unpacking the box reveals the screen, a cleaning pad made of material similar to spectacle cleaners, a manual and three cables.

vissels monitor cables

The included cables from left to right: USB-A to USB-C, USB-C to USB-C and HDMI to Mini-HDMI. A good selection for various input sources, there is no separate power cable however in the absence of power over USB one of the other USB cables could be used to connect to a power source.

vissels monitor cover

The front of the monitor has a cover similar to the type on an iPad or Microsoft Surface, it does the job protecting the screen when not in use and feels like sturdy cardboard covered in a plastic coating which has been given a carbon look.

vissels monitor back with ports

Flipping the monitor over we can see the section that houses the electronics and ports/switches.

vissels monitor hdmi thunderbolts

On the left corner we have the mini-Hdmi port and two Thunderbolt/USB-C ports with the Displayport capability labelled on them daisy-chaining multiples of these devices should be easy.

vissels monitor headphone menu power

On the right corner we have the Headphone audio out port, the menu control stick and a power button.

vissels monitor tablet style stand

After some familiar origami, the monitor is up on its cover being used as a stand, the angle is adjustable from flat to almost completely upright which should help your viewing comfort.

vissels monitor screen

Here we have a front on view of the screen in it’s upright position, it is quite elegant looking without any large badges or other branding, this gives the monitor a professional look that won’t distract when used in a business environment.

vissels monitor screen on

Connected to the Thunderbolt connector of a laptop the screen springs to life very quickly, the out of the box power control is also quite aggressive, dimming the display in the time it took me to pick up my camera.

vissels monitor menus

Luckily the control stick allows quick adjustment through a recognisable menu system that allows for all the capabilities to be managed. The stick has left right and push in click functions for browsing and selecting.

The Vissles-M 15″ Portable Monitor Review: The Verdict

The monitor is an interesting device, it feels well built, quite heavy for what it is. The flexibility in use is admirable although from a gaming angle I feel it is limited with the 60Hz top refresh rate even though it has FreeSync. The display is sharp and clear once you find comfortable settings and the touch screen function works really well, it was a little strange when I tried it on my main PC which has a 1440p screen, it wanted to control the main screen as though it were a touchpad this meant that the difference in resolution to it’s own 1080p cause inaccuracies when attempting to navigate and use the desktop. As a second screen it is however quite useful for showing things like Discord or Friends lists.

What’s hot:

  • Well built
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Easy to use

What’s not:

  • Heavy
  • Not really a gaming device
  • Expensive

I did quite a bit of testing with this to see how it would be to live with it over a longer period. Standing it on my gaming desk, it was only really useful as a second screen for alternative information, its limited frequency capability at 60Hz ruled it out of many games that I play for which I invest in 144Hz. For productivity however it fared much better, I can see the screen being great in a professional environment with it’s classy appearance and touch capability. If you are on the road and wanting to work across multiple documents on a laptop this could be invaluable so I do see a bigger market for this in a professional setting. A home gamer would proably get better value from a cheaper monitor and a bracket or wallmount.

When using HDMI it does need a separate power source, luckily that can easily be suppied from a decent USB-3 or above connection with both types of connector (type-A and type-C) available, although make sure you manage to get the type-A connector the right way up as it does not include the sheilding shroud of a standard connector.

Competition for this screen comes from the likes of ASUS and Lenovo so there aren’t too many options, while this is a little cheaper discounted to $199 at the time of writing it is quite a bit more than a standard monitor, there is also stiff competition from small portable projectors which can offer many of the same conveniences at a lower price point.

If this device does fit your needs however, it is more than capable and from the build quality and ease of use I am happy to grant the Vissles-M our Silver Award. It is a professional looking device and should slip into a laptop bag along with a laptop easily.

vissels silver award

Thanks to Vissles for sending a sample of the Vissles-M 15″ Portable Monitor in for review.

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vissles-m-15-portable-monitor-reviewThe Vissels-M 15" Touchscreen Portable Monitor is an interesting device. The build quality is good however it is a little heavy for a portable product. Screen performance is excellent for creative and professional uses but lacks higher frequency capabilities for gaming. Connectivity is great and it should suit most systems. Pricing is a little high and competition from alternatives is an issue. A bit of a niche product but certainly has its market.


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