The online casino market is an extremely exciting place at the moment. The technology behind the online gaming industry has shaken up the casino world. This means that there are the most exciting opportunities to play on casino websites. With a stable internet connection, you do not need to leave your home or hotel room to be able to play at new online casino websites. In addition, many of them will offer free spins and first deposit bonus offers from mobile as well as desktop sites.

The question is, do you play at established casinos or at one of the best new online casinos? How do you choose? Who will offer the most free spins or the best deposit bonus? You might find that only new online casinos have what you are looking for. How do you filter casinos to find one that matches your playing style? What do the latest casinos have to rival the existing ones?

Established Casinos or New Online Casinos?

When you are looking to try out your luck at online casino sites , you need to choose between established casinos and the newest online casino sites. It is tempting to fall back on a trusted name that has been around forever.

However, you might find that the newest online casinos have more adventurous opportunities, as well as exclusive bonuses and exciting introductory offers. Brand new casinos need to do something different to attract players, so these casinos tend to offer exciting new games and better online casino bonuses.

How Do You Know a New Online Casino is reputable?

Well, that’s the big question and concern. There are lots of things to look out for when choosing where to play. Well stablished casinos brands can make the player feel safer. You know that they have been around forever and probably have a brick-and-mortar, land-based presence. If something is wrong, you know where to go. However, new online casino websites can be just as safe to play at.

A reputable new online casino will work within the regulations of the state it is operating in and have acquired the right licenses. A reputable casino will always promote responsible gambling experiences and offer a suite of tools to make sure that you do not go beyond your limits. The other trick is to avoid any that invite you to play casino games that look too good to be true. They almost certainly are. Also, you need to be physically located in the state where the casino sites are licensed, otherwise you could find yourself falling foul of The Wire Act.

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Finding Legal Online Casinos

To start out you need to check that you are able to play at internet casinos in the state in which you reside. Be sure that you are accessing new online casinos that accept US players. There are now professional review sites, that will take a lot of the hard work out of finding the best gambling experience. They compare different casinos based on a wide range of criteria and then produce an online casinos list. The casinos list will have all the different factors taken into consideration. The best of these review sites do not make recommendations based on advertising paid for by a casino. The reviewers spend time looking at newly released gambling websites and the casinos games available and giving honest feedback.

A well-regulated internet casino will set out clearly any wagering requirements, the payment method stipulated and what the initial deposit requirements are. You will be able to clearly see the terms and conditions to any bonus offers and deposit bonuses the casino has. A well run casino has nothing to hide and will be upfront and clear with its customers.

What Are The Advantages of Playing an Established Casino?

Better choice of games?

Casino sites that have been established for longer time usually have more casino games and possibly a better choice of video slots. The reason for this is that they have had longer to develop their inventory.

Bigger Budgets

These established businesses have more casinos and probably have more of their own money to cut deals with software providers. However, that does not automatically mean that they have the best games libraries.

The Best Banking Arrangements

The established casino sites will definitely have safe banking methods. They will have a tried-and-tested sign up process. However, so do the casinos that you can find on a new online casinos list.

24/7 Customer Support

Customer services at the older online casinos will probably be available 24/7. These operators have had the time to build their teams to full capacity. They can often service several casinos from one central customer contact center. The new casinos may not be able to match them on this.

What Are The Advantages of Playing At Brand New Online Casinos?

The Most Up To Date Games

The new casinos have to have attractive bonus offers and exclusive bonuses to attract players away from their favorite casino software providers. Just because an established name has an extensive selection of games, it does not automatically mean that all the games are up to date. The new casinos have to be really competitive in this regard and might have the more cutting-edge games.

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Mobile First

Brand new online casinos have often been set up by new entrepreneurial, tech savvy businesses. This means that they are mobile friendly and have great apps. These allow the player to take mobile casinos with them wherever they want to play. No new casinos would dream of building an internet gambling site that wasn’t mobile-first.

It used to be that our phones did not have the capacity to handle the superior graphics and connection that are needed for sophisticated modern games, like live dealer games for example. This means that some of the older casino sites are more clunky for mobile gaming than the brand new casino apps and sites.

Customer Service

While the new online casinos might not have the economies of scale of their older, larger competitors, they still understand that they need to provide a flawless customer service experience. New casinos may not have phone lines that are staffed 24/7. However, because new casinos are often technologically more advanced they may have good artificial intelligence to aid the customer journey. This can include superior live chat that employs chat bots that can automatically answer queries via a frequently answered question response.

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Free Spins, Free Bonus Offers, Free Bonus Codes

The new sites are going to be very busy attracting players to them. Once they have invested in the technology to provide the best online casino games they need to promote their new casinos to as many people as possible.

This means that they need to create the most attractive welcome bonuses to get people to try out the games they have on offer. A new casino site might start in a particular niche like fantasy sports, social gaming, live dealer games, real money games, or themed video slots. Then they need to go and tell people why they should try out their new casino as opposed to other new casino sites.

This is where a casino will try to roll out the most attractive offers. If their online games include slots they will almost certainly offer free spins. This type of promotion lets you have extra goes without having to pay for them. They will almost certainly offer a first deposit bonus too. You will need to check the wagering requirements before being able to withdraw your winnings. However, you usually just need to set up an account and can try out various games. Brand new casino sites often offer players a more innovative payment method than other online gaming sites.

For players who like to gamble online, new casinos offer attractive deposit bonuses, including a first deposit bonus to attract new customers. You might need to have a bonus code to get your first deposit bonus or sometimes you just need to register an account to claim the free bonus offer. Whichever way, and you can try out the new casinos with very little personal risk if you follow some simple rules. Do remember, when you are gambling for real money to set your limits and not to wager more than you can afford.

How To Sign Up To A New Online Casino

First things first, check if gambling is allowed in your state. It is not enough to assume that online casinos are permitted just because sports betting is allowed in your state. Every state has its own laws and regulations around what is and isn’t allowed. A first deposit bonus is useless if you cannot access your money in the future.

Check Your State

It might be tempting to search for brand new online casino sites in the USA, even if it is not legal where you live. However, if it is not legal it just isn’t safe. Whether it an established casino site or a brand new online casino website you will have no protection if something goes wrong. They might offer safe banking methods and even let you place a deposit but you might not be able to take part in the online gambling on offer. Even if you do and you go on to win, it is highly likely that you will not be able to make a withdrawal from the casino.

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That is a bit of a nightmare scenario that you do not want to find yourself in. So if you are not a resident of or visitor to one of the following States, the advice is not to get involved in online casino gaming. The states that allow online casino gaming are:

  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania

Alternatives To Legalized Online Casinos

If you aren’t in one of these, you might want to consider sports betting, or if you live in Washington DC, then you have the choice of Sweepstakes Casinos online. There are many states that offer alternatives to legalized online casinos. For example, in Louisiana and New York there are new social and sweepstake casinos, where you can register and play for real money.

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What Details Do You Need to Sign Up to Most New Online Casinos?

Signing up for a new online casino site is very much the same as for an established casino site. You will need to give your name, date of birth, and address and provide the casino operator with your bank account number. You will have to verify the information that you give, so there is no point in trying to do this if you are not old enough or do not have the required items to verify who you are.

Look Before You Leap

Double check that the casino website you are playing at is legitimate before depositing any money. You can do this by checking out online reviews and see what other players are saying about the establishment. Review sites make comparisons of online casinos and keep an eye on what is going on in the online casino industry. They do all the hard work for you. It is worthwhile spending some time doing your research before committing.

Claim Your First Deposit Bonus

Now that you have triple-checked that you are playing at the best new online casino, you need to sign up to claim your first deposit bonus. Check the wagering requirements again and, if you want to play the slots, that there are free spins available. A new online casino might look as though they are making you a fantastic offer. However, on closer inspection, you might discover that you have to place a huge number of wagers just to get the free ones. If you still want to go ahead with an offer like this, it is important to make sure you have plenty of time and a good, stable internet connection.

Sign up for any loyalty schemes on offer

The new online casino will not want players to only come once and then go off to find another brand new online casino. Most of these websites and mobile apps will be offering ongoing perks to keep you playing at their online casino and not someone else’s. There will be benefits and schemes that you can sign up for. Many of the reward schemes are communicated by email. A casino will email registered users with news of the latest slot games or bonus codes they have on offer. If they really want you to come back to their site, they might even offer a free cash reward.

add the casino website to your address book

When you sign up, you will get a welcome email from the new online casino. You might need to check your spam inbox to find the email, as your mail server might not be familiar with the address. Once you have the email, add the address to your contacts. You then will not miss out on offers that are sent to you by email in the future. Because our email software providers have increasingly sophisticated filters, some of these emails might not make it direct to your inbox. It is possible that, if you use the Gmail server, for example, they will finish up in the promotions inbox. Other mail servers might filter them to your junk or spam inbox. So just be aware and keep a lookout

How To Get The Most From Your Online Casino Experience

Now that you have signed up at one of the new casinos have a good look around to check out what games they have on offer. Occasionally, even though you have done all the research in the world, you can find yourself on a site that does not adhere to the responsible gambling code. Alternatively, they might have ceased to offer the games that you wanted to play. Do not just carry on blithely. Give yourself time to stop and think. Do you still want to play at this particular new casino?

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If the answer is yes and you are happy with the online casino offer, give them a follow on their social media pages. Good, new online casinos have social media pages set up. You should be able to find them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. If they are worth their salt, online casinos in 2022 understand the importance of social media. In fact, many upcoming brands in all sectors use social media as their main form of communication. There are restrictions on the way in which casino websites can advertise in paid-for media. They have more freedom to communicate free spins, bonus codes, and deposit bonuses to their social media followers. So keep an eye out for what the online casinos offer exclusively on these platforms.

Enjoy The New Casino

Whichever new casino you choose to play at, remember to have fun. Set your limits and enjoy what the casino offers. The new casino websites are there to entertain you, so let the entertainment commence.

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