So it looks like the console war just dove into the world of colour, when Sony announced it’s white Playstation 4 console it seemed almost inevitable that Microsoft would do the same. To be honest I was a bit surprised it was Sony who did it first since the 360 was primarily white and it was only in its later stages that they changed the colour to black. And then they released the Xbox One and that too was black when in my opinion it should have been white, maybe they just really wanted it to look like a Betamax?

Either way it now seems that Microsoft wants to try and solve this problem by offering both colours, the same way as Sony is. Just like Sony will be releasing a white PS4 with Destiny, it has now been announced that Microsoft will be releasing a white Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive. Sunset Overdrive itself is due out on October 28th of this year so we could see the bundle at the same time, it’d make sense to get it out before the start of the Christmas shopping season at least (It’s the start of August and I’m writing about Christmas in my articles already, seriously?) for Microsoft to maximise sales. At this time pricing of this bundle is unknown as is if you’ll be able to buy the white console individually, however based on the Titanfall bundle and the fact that a Madden 15 bundle with the black Xbox One is coming for $399 (that’s the normal price of a Kinect free Xbox One) it’d be good to see the white version come out for the same price.

I’m experimenting with different styles of article at the moment folks, if you like this less formal style then let us know, and the same if you don’t! Anyway will this new colour swing you towards buying an Xbox One? Let us know.

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