Streacom Introduce Alpha Range 7

Streacom ALPHA is the culmination of a yearlong project to re-design, re-engineer, and refine all aspects of our computer chassis range, from production right through to the packaging. We scrutinized every single part, the smallest screw to the largest aluminium extrusion and asked a simple question. “If you could start from scratch, what would you change ?”


Make no mistake, whilst on the surface ALPHA cases may look almost identical, not a single part from any previous case has been re-utilized. More than just a product revision, it is a total reboot and lays the foundation for future product compatibility, expansion, and manufacturing processes.


With the unified internal design, all Alpha cases will be available with and without optical drives, so we are also introducing a naming change. Cases with optical drive openings will have the ‘Optical’ suffix, those without will simply carry the model name.


Whist every ALPHA case has its own unique set of changes compared with its predecessor, they all share the following upgraded features:

  • Higher precision extrusion, CNC and tolerances for all aluminium parts
  • New anodizing process with improved surface treatment which is more dust/mark resistant
  • Redesigned drive trays for easier installation, greater flexibility and more storage options
  • The introduction of a dedicated optical drive tray for easier fitting and adjustment
  • Optimized venting to improve internal convection airflow and cooling
  • Refined power button with O-ring damper and pure white power LED indicator
  • Front/side USB ports are 3.0 as standard and PCB-free for higher speed and compatibility
  • Uprated heatpipes and improved mount surfaces for better thermal performance
  • Fewer visible screws and aesthetic refinements to all sides and surfaces
  • Unified internal designs allowing for non-optical versions across the range
  • Reduced IR window acrylic thickness to improve detection and increase remote range
  • New packaging with less waste, better protection and easier product removal
  • Improved documentation with revised procedures and clearer part identification


Individual case improvements include:
FC5 – Redesigned bottom panel with higher strength, improved convection and more drive options
F7C – Added supports for 92mm fan and larger side venting for more airflow
FC8 – Top panel holes replaced with stealth side panel vent, cleaner looks and reduced internal dust
FC8 – Redesigned heatsink, sleeker, more balanced, less industrial looking and much easier to clean
F7C & FC8 – Single piece extruded top panel, virtually unbreakable design, better fit
F7C & FC8 – Simplified drive tray with easier installation, more drives and more component clearance
F7C & FC8 – Dedicated SSD mounting brackets for easier installation
FC5, FC9, FC10 – USB ports are now on both sides for better accessibility and balance
FC5, FC9, FC10 – Thicker top panel brackets reduces the chance of thread damage
FC5, FC9, FC10 – New silicon feet pads for better dampening, grip and surface protection
FC9 & FC10 – New drive tray with variable position drive mounting
FC10 – Standard width CPI expansion slots for dual card support


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