DeepCool released the Gamer Storm MACUBE 310 Series in black and white versions in 2019. Despite a value-oriented price of under £80, the MACUBE 310 has a premium look and several innovative features. Most notably the case features a magnetic side panel mount, adjustable GPU support, built-in fan hub and built-in velcro cable management straps. DeepCool’s Gamer Storm MACUBE 310 design has now been recognised in the 2020 iF Design Awards.

The iF Design Foundation take entrants for the iF Design Awards from across the design world, ranging from architecture to electronics to fashion. Entrants are tested and evaluated by 78 judges from 20 countries against iF’s criteria of Innovation and Elaboration, Functionality, Aesthetics, Responsibility and Positioning. The awards are not directly competitive, but the judges select winners based on their performance against these criteria. An iF Design Award can therefore be considered a stamp of approval for what iF deem an excellent product. DeepCool say the MACUBE 310 “is not just a computer case, but also a work of art”. Based on this award, the iF Design Foundation would seem to agree.

The MACUBE 310

The DeepCool MACUBE 310 is a looks-focused full ATX size case with a tempered glass side window. A shroud along the bottom covers the power cables and up to two 3.5″ hard drives, with a cutout to show off the power supply itself. Behind the motherboard tray there’s ample cable management room and space for up to two 2.5″ hard drives or SSDs. Further aiding cable management are two built-in velcro straps, the usual rubber grommets, and a fan hub towards the top.

The MACUBE 310 with the back panel open, showing the various features
1: Velcro Cable Management Straps, 2: Graphics Card Holder , 3: Fan Hub, 4: Rubber Grommets

In terms of cooling the MACUBE 310 has space for up to 3x120mm or 2x140mm front fans, 3x120mm or 2x140mm top fans, and a single 120mm rear fan (included). Radiator support is up to 360mm in the front position and 120mm on the rear. Airflow comes from 13mm ventilation channels on the sides, providing sufficient cooling without compromising on looks.  The MACUBE 310P variant also adds vents cut in the top for better cooling.

The MACUBE 310P variant showing the top vents
Extra top vents on the MACUBE 310P variant

The MACUBE 310 supports compact power supplies up to 160mm long, and has a generous 165mm CPU cooler height limit. That’s enough for even very large air coolers, such as Deepcool’s own Assassin III twin tower cooler and Fryzen threadripper cooler. The GPU length limit is also plenty at 330mm. Big triple-fan cards like the Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti are well within this.

Unique Features

There are two special features on the MACUBE 310 that are worth highlighting. First, the adjustable GPU support. With how big and heavy modern GPUs are, this is a nice touch that should help combat the dreaded sag.

Second, the magnetic mounted glass side panel has 24.5N (2.4kg) of attachment force according to Deepcool. This is great for convenience, but might worry you if you have kids or attend LAN parties. Deepcool have thought of this, and include screw-on clips to keep small and/or prying hands from pulling the panel off.

Rea view of the MACUBE 310, showing the safety clips
The safety clips, highlighted in green.

As always, you can read more about the MACUBE 310 on DeepCool’s website.


The DeepCool Gamer Storm MACUBE 310 is available from in the black variant and white variant, and from in the black variant and white variant.

For more cooling, the MACUBE 310P with extra vents is available in white from The black and white 310P variants are both available on but ship from Germany at time of writing.

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