Windows 10 - Coming 25th July, But Which Version Will You Get?

You’re probably aware that Microsoft has announced the latest release of Windows, known as Windows 10, it is due to be released on the 25th July, but the internet community has been awash with questions regarding what version you will be able to claim as part of their free upgrade from Windows 7/8.1. So they’ve just released a F.A.Q which answers the most common questions.

Just why are we getting Windows for free? – Well it’s quite simple, Microsoft is quite keen to have as many devices as possible running on their latest version. Not forgetting they will also be eager to leave behind the mess that was Windows 8. They are hoping that by making it free for the first year that they will see a surge in uptake early on. Microsoft have assured that those who opt in to the free upgrade will continue to receive updates for the life of those devices.

So just what version of Windows will you be getting on the 25th?

Those of you on Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic or Home Premium will go to Windows 10 Home, whilst those of you on Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate will go straight to Windows 10 Professional.

For those on Windows 8.1 you will go to Windows 10 Home, 8.1 Pro will go to Windows 10 Pro and the same applies for 8.1 Pro for Students.

That and a lot of other frequently asked questions have been answered on the Microsoft website. Have you reserved your free upgrade or do you plan on sticking with Windows 7/8.1? – Please let us know your thoughts below or on social media.

Source: Microsoft

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