Archos GamePad 7″ Tablet Review

  • Brand: Archos
  • Model: GamePad
  • Website:
  • RRP: £130

With me today I have an Archos GamePad which is an Android tablet designed specifically for gaming. It comes equipped with a 7 inch touchscreen display and a very comprehensive gamepad with many different mappable buttons. Under the hood, it has a Cortex A9 dual core CPU, Mali quad core GPU and 1GB of memory which means it should be more than capable of playing most of today’s games.

Archos is a mobile device manufacturer with many products available in several price ranges. They are very well known for offering high performance devices with a low price tag.

As well as offering traditional style products, they also have many which are tailored toward certain roles such as the ChefPad which is aimed at being used in the kitchen. The GamePad is just one of the products they offer to fill the small niches in the market.

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