Asus RP-N14 WiFi Range Extender Review


Closer Look

To the main event itself. The Asus RP-N14 comes in a white plastic moulded shell, the front of which is bumpy to the touch. This gives the RP-N14 a nice white and grey effect which is caused by light reflection. The Asus logo is printed into the bottom half of the RP-N14 on the front panel. Continuing on the front of the RP-N14 along the bottom there is a light bar. This bar shows you the strength of the signal. The light bar emanates from the middle and moves outwards towards the edges and the further it goes, the stronger it is.
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The rear of the RP-N14 is covered with some model information, industry requirements information, serial number and MAC code for this particular RP-N14 model. The bar along the bottom also doubles up as a night light. This can be turned on or off by tapping the front of the RP-N14.

asus-rp-n14-extender (5)The left side panel is where we will find the reset button, holding this in for around 10 seconds will reset it to factory settings. There is also a power switch and a WPS button for easy connection to your router.
The right side panel comes with an Ethernet port, this is a 10/100mbps port and a headphone jack. This headphone jack is for the Asus AIPlayer app, the app allows you to connect to a variety of online radio streams when logged into the device.

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