Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Rev.B Case Review 26

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When a company releases a new revision of a product, most will think…new Apple iPhone 55xxl but isn’t it a good thing when a company takes a good product and actually makes it better based on the most important opinions?  That is, of course, actual users and not some corporate fat cat sitting there thinking he is the dogs danglies.  One company who take what its users think about their products very seriously is a German based company, Nanoxia.  Germany has brought you such marvels as the Tiger tank, the Audi S4 and even the Mercedes Kompressor but another thing worthy of a mention is the solid Deep Silence 1 mid tower chassis.

Since their original Deep Silence case was released, it has won many awards and to further improve and offer the best customer experience, they have listened to views and launched their latest revision, the Deep Silence 1 Rev.B; fairly easy naming scheme right?  We did take a look at the top spec HPTX Deep Silence 6 Rev.B case not too long ago and we were blown away by the quality.  But what is new with the latest iteration of the Deep Silence 1?

Well in all honesty, I am having a hard time finding ANYTHING new but there has been a revised I/O panel which helps keep the general and clean aesthetic Nanoxia are distinctly known for; of course they claim better airflow and reduced noise but their original won over 60 awards so how much of an improvement is necessary? Well, Nanoxia like things to be perfect and I like this attitude; I wish more companies took this approach!

So let’s take a look at the specifications and then a closer look at the case itself in more details…

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