• Brand: Blue
  • Model: Nessie
  • Price: £79.99 (at time of review)

Blue are well known for their innovative designs and excellent audio recording products and recently we got the chance to take a look at the Nessie, released back in 2013. The Nessie is has stylish design as well as several in-built features which should appeal to the prospective user. The video covers all the key areas of the microphone, its inbuilt features as well as my own thoughts and opinion on the build quality and performance of the device.


For those not wanting to watch the video, out of the box the Nessie shows the commitment that Blue puts into its products, from the unique design as well as the usability of the device. This like many products on the market it simply plug and play. There is no additional software to install and a lot of the audio processing is done on board the microphone itself.  I was impressed with the quality of the materials used in the microphones production.  It felt like a premium product and is what I would expect for a Microphone at the Nessie’s price point.

I used the Nessie in the same way I use my own personal microphone, for recording audio voice overs, talking in Skype calls and well as other VOIP software.  Whilst I usually sit away from my microphone, I also tested the pop filter that is built into the Nessie itself.  This unfortunately did not work as it was intended.  Which is unfortunate as it is part of the design and is even listed in the key features on the packaging; it is because of that it has lost marks in the final ratings.  Whilst the design is excellent and overall the performance is really good, though the in-built pop filter not working as intended is a slight let down. Though I do really like the design of the microphone and for that I am going to give it our design award.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


Whilst the performance of the mic is let down by it’s poorly implemented pop filter, the design of the microphone is to be commended, it is unique as microphones go. The value of the microphone is really determined by how well it performs. Unfortunately with the poor pop filter it’s looses marks.

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