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Manufacturer: Cooler Master
Model: Resonar
RRP: £40

Cooler Master is a name long associated with cases and power supplies but in recent years, Cooler Master have made successful strides into the peripheral market with the likes of their Xornet gaming mouse and QuickFire mechanical keyboards being go-to devices for those who require peripherals that offer that bit more and are a known, reliable quantity.

In this review we’ll be looking at some new earphones from Cooler Master in the shape of the Resonar. The Resonar were first seen at Computex earlier this year but they are now out and about in the wild, with the earphones targeted towards fulfilling needs across PC, mobile and even consoles both handheld and dedicated.


Driver 8mm driver
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance 20Ω
Connector 3.5mm headphone jack
Cable Length 1.3m
Microphone  Y
Pick-up Pattern Omni-Directional
Frequency Response 100 Hz – 10KHz
Sensitivity -44 ± 4dB (0dB = 1V/pa.1KHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio 58dB or more

The Resonar seems fairly sufficient from a specification point of view but what isn’t portrayed here is Cooler Master’s inclusion of a bass-knob on the earphones themselves. Cooler Master are calling this their ‘BassFX’ technology. Essentially it’s a hardwired bass control that can be turned on or off allowing the user to control the level of bass within their sounds, presumably, with better clarity and focus than a constantly forced solution would offer or worse yet, a software solution.

£40 certainly isn’t a lot for earphones as our last few reviews will have suggested, let’s see what Cooler Master bring to the rather overcrowded table…

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