SteelSeries Siberia Elite 7.1 Gaming Headset Review



The respected and well-known brand SteelSeries have been pushing forward on the peripheral market over the past 12 months with the release of some fantastic products and colour schemes such as the Heat Orange/Frost blue Siberia V2 headsets which we previously reviewed.  This particular Danish company has been supporting as well as sponsoring numerous top tier gaming teams/clans and has been helping evolve the landscape of e-sports since its huge rise in the early 2000’s.

With that being said, from a personal standpoint, what is it you look for when buying a new headset?  Is it purely performance?  Is it style and design?  Everyone has their own personal preferences and a lot of companies try and cater for the majority but it is very hard to please everybody.

That might be soon to change as today I will be taking a look at their brand new headset, the SteelSeries Siberia Elite, which is the cream of the crop in the Siberia line out.  With many features including a retractable microphone, lush padding, a USB sound card and the ability to customise the colour of the LED on the ear cups; will it be the headset that sets the standard?  Let’s find out, starting with a little bit about SteelSeries as a company and then the specifications…

About SteelSeries:
From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making high performance gaming gear used by the most demanding, top professional gamers worldwide and peripherals that provide superior quality and a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels. We believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying!

What originally began with two people who recognized the need for superior, high-quality/performance gaming gear that would give gamers a competitive edge, has grown into a global leader in gaming and entertainment gear sought after for their high performance capabilities.

Fast-forward to today, and we’ve come a long way since our first glass mouse pad. We have global offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, providing an integrated portfolio of products designed specifically for gaming. Fuelling our growth is you, the gamer!


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