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Manufacturer: Bit Fenix
Model: Flo
RRP: £50

BitFenix made their name in chassis but are now moving into new territory. Coming off the back of successes with their unique Colossus and more recently, ITX trend setting Prodigy, BitFenix have moved into the audio market with today’s Flo.

The BitFenix Flo is a closed-back set of headphones and at £50, reasonably priced for a first foray into this part of the peripheral market. Naturally, the Flo isn’t just a a pair of headphones but stays true to BitFenix’s gaming base and also doubles up as a headset if required – both for mobile and static use.


Materials Steel, Plastic, SofTouch™ Surface Treatment, SoftFeel™ Earcups
Colors Midnight Black, Arctic White, Fire Red, Cobalt Blue
Acoustic Design Dynamic, Closed-back
Driver 16µ, Neodymium magnet, Φ40mm
Sensitivity 96db /1mW
Frequency Response 20hz-20khz
Rated Impedance 68 Ω
Earpads SoftFeel™
Headband Pressure Approximately 5N
Cables 1m Straight Cable With Remote, 1m Straight Mobile Audio Cable, 2m Straight Cable With Headphone / Microphone Plugs
Connector Gold-plated Φ3.5mm stereo mini-plug with aluminum sheath
Net Weight 200g
Flo Headset, Flexible Microphone, 1m Straight Cable With Remote, 1m Straight Mobile Audio cable, 2m Straight Cable With Headphone / Microphone Plugs

 It’s clear from the specs that BitFenix have aimed to bring a solid offering to the market with the Flo. 40mm drivers are the norm for this type of headset and so should deliver enough oomph for the customer at this price. Not only this, the addition of voice capabilities means your voice/gaming needs are covered too.

How does the Flo look in person? Let’s find out.

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