BitFenix Ghost PC Case Review


Closer Look –¬†Interior

Opening up the Ghost and having a look around there is a decent amount of room for users to install all their hardware. The motherboard tray also has a nice sized cutout for easier CPU cooler installation and a few cutouts for cable management. There are 3 x 5.25″ tool-less drive bays, 3 x 2.5″ bays and 4 x 3.5″ bays.

BitFenix Ghost_16BitFenix Ghost_21

BitFenix have gone the extra mile to make sure installing your motherboard inside the Ghost is as easy as possible, they have gone ahead and labelled all of the raised holes with a corresponding letter depending on your motherboards form factor.

BitFenix Ghost_22

As mentioned on the back of the case, there is a pre-installed 120mm fan, some holes for water cooling and 7 x PCI expansions.

BitFenix Ghost_20

The backside of the motherboard tray offers a decent amount of room for users to store their cables, only thing one could really as for would be a couple more places to attach zip ties to for better control of the direction the cables are routed.

BitFenix Ghost_24  BitFenix Ghost_19


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