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BitFenix is a well-known manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies, fans and accessories. Their biggest goal is to create hardware that functions as an extension of one’s self so that the individual does not have to adapt to the hardware but instead the hardware functions and an extension of their will. BitFenix is also known for innovation and game-changing designs. Most recently, their Pandora PC case was turning heads thanks to its unique design and the fact that it came with the BitFenix ICON which is a fully programmable display that allows users to show custom images on the front of the case via the inbuilt LCD screen. The fun doesn’t stop there though, BitFenix is always releasing new cases such as the Prodigy M Color, Outlaw, NEOS and Colossus M.

Today I will be taking a look at what I would have to say is one of my favourite cases I have personally seen from BitFenix, the Raider is designed to keep all your components nice and cool and even comes with three included premium fans. The Raider also comes equipped with 4x USB 3.0 ports, an integrated fan controller and features the BitFenix SofTouch surface treatment. The Raider is designed for ATX motherboards and as such has plenty of room for hardware, from long graphics cards to being able to accommodate plenty of hard drives, the Raider is really trying to do it all.

Before I give all the fun away, let’s see what BitFenix have to say about the Raider before we get into the specifications and closer look segments of this review:

“Defeat system-crashing heat with Raider – the all-new performance chassis design from BitFenix. Unlike most other chassis that include run-of-the-mill fans, Raider comes equipped with three premium 120mm BitFenix Spectre™ Fans and a contoured mesh design for unstoppable cooling performance. The first chassis to offer four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, Raider is ready for the future, offering all the connectivity you need for your SuperSpeed peripherals. The integrated fan controller controls up to five fans, allowing you to customize your system’s cooling profile to suit the task at hand. DIY niceties like filtered intakes, tool-free drive locking mechanisms, rubber grommets and plenty of space behind the motherboard tray help you get up and running headache-free, and a removable hard drive cage wall means that Raider even accommodates expansion cards up to 38cm in length! To top it all off, Raider is coated in signature BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment for a quality matte finish and one-of-a-kind feel. Unstoppable performance and quality – that’s BitFenix Raider. ”


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