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Getting everything installed inside the PANGU SW-RD was an easy and straightforward process as one would hope with a case of this size. While the cutouts for cable routing between the front and back of the motherboard tray were not my favourite, they did their job and that is all we can really ask from them. Even using a standard non-modular PSU I did not encounter and problems and everything was able to reach its destination with ease.

If there is going to be a problem with something, it normally comes when trying to install the Corsair H80i. While it is a 120mm radiator with two fans and not overly big, it can be a tight fight in some cases. However, in the PANGU SW-RD it was not a problem and was easily installed into the rear exhaust space and as you can see, there is a bit of room around it.

deepcool pangu sw-rd installation

My favourite part of the case has to be the included LEDs that come with an RGB controller. I’m a sucker for lights and giving me two separate strips and a remote control means I will waste endless amounts of time playing with them. While I can’t show all the different modes in photos, I did take a few pics of the colours I feel stood out best. The included remote gives users plenty of options to play around with and is a nice touch to have the LEDs included as a separate package instead of pre-installing them.

deepcool pangu sw-rd installation LED DEEPCOOL PANGU SW-RD Installation colours 1 DEEPCOOL PANGU SW-RD Installation colours 2



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