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Nanoxia is no stranger to the enthusiast market with some very well made and successful cases under their belt; The Deep Silence 4 just to name but one. In saying that however, M-ATX isn’t the only big market and anyone who has owned a home server or intends to build one, knows the benefits of a silent running and cool operating system; especially one with a mountain of storage space for HDDs.

Enter the Deep Silence 6 Rev.B; the latest chassis from the Nanoxia team designed to give users not only a HPTX compatible case for their server boards, but also designed to fulfil the need of enthusiasts looking for a large case to water cool inside; without the cheap plastic build of some of the more “popular” brands. So what are Nanoxia offering with the Deep Silence 6 Rev.B? Well, the main difference between this newer model and the previous revision is the inclusion of a 6 x 2.5mm mounting frame which is designed to save space during installation. Some features do remain etc. such as the dual air chimney which can be adjusted for a sleeker look; this is in addition for up to HPTX motherboard support which is usually server grade component level. Coming in black, white, windowed and solid panelled, is the Deep Silence 6 Rev.B as quiet as it sounds or is it a bulky bob? Let’s take a look at what Nanoxia have to say and then, the technical specifications…

A video from Nanoxia about the Deep Silence 6 Rev.B:


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