Streacom FC9 HTPC Case Review


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Seeing how the Streacom FC9 isn’t just “another” chassis, we have devised a separate testing method due to the TDP limitations and passive cooling that this particular case comes with.

Test Setup

CPU – Intel Pentium G3220 (1150 Haswell)

Motherboard – ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac

Memory – Patriot Viper 3 8GB (2x4GB) 2400MHz CL10

Case – Streacom FC9

Cooling – Streacom passive cooling

Power Supply – Streacom NANO150 150w SFF

Operating System – Windows 7 64 bit (Ultimate)

So with the desired test system in place, to analyse the thermal performance of the Streacom FC9 I decided to use a couple of tests, nothing out of the ordinary but I did think throwing Prime95 in there would make for some interesting results; mainly to see if the passive cooler could handle the CPU at full.

Temperature Testing Methodology

To test the passive cooling system Streacom have implemented on the FC9, I figured it would be a good idea to not only show idle values, but also values under load.  This will reflect not only on the actual CPU temperature but also a reading will be taken via a K-probed thermometer which will be placed inside the case with the top panel sealed to give as accurate data as possible; please not these results might differ due to the amount of devices under your TV or in your A/V setup.  The temperature readings will be the delta temperature of the room – recorded temperatures.


HD Video Playback (1080p)

Prime95 Burn Test

Although the benchmarking section looks pretty thin, the whole purpose of the case is for a HTPC and the main use of a HTPC is video playback; so this is reflected into the testing.


HD Video Playback (1080p)

To test the temperatures of the Streacom FC9 chassis, I decided to play some HD (1080p) content which would most likely be the main use for someone purchasing this particular case.  To carry out the test, I used a 30 min run of the film SWAT (starring Colin Farrell).  I let it run for 30 minutes from start and timed it via an alarm then I recorded the temperature.  The ambient temperature for this test was 26c.  The results are shown in the graph below:

Respectable results from our Haswell G3220 CPU in conjunction with the passive cooled FC9; very impressed and fits in line with where I would expect it to be in terms of thermal performance.


Prime95 Burn Test

To give a more varied account for temperatures, I decided to run a Prime95 burn test to see how good the Streacom passive solution actually is in comparison to a CPU going 100% load constantly.  Now I would consider anything over 75c a fail as I wouldn’t want anything that hot without something actively cooling it.  The ambient temperature for this test was 26c.  The results are displayed in the graph below:

Probably not the fairest of tests for the Streacom FC9 but now you know for sure that the passive cooling system on the FC9 isn’t going to handle stress testing as it subsequently failed the test; was to be expected really.



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