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Thermaltake is a worldwide leader and manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories. Thermaltake’s extensive line-up of products includes PC cases, power supplies, cooling and storage accessories and if that is not enough for you, Thermaltake also has two other brands with their or line of products. Tt eSPORTS is Thermaltake’s line for peripherals and more specifically, gaming and eSports related peripherals. Luxa2 is designed for lifestyle products such as Bluetooth speakers and mobile chargers and products most people would use on a daily basis.

Most recently Thermaltake has been on a mission to cater some products towards the PC modding community and boy are they doing quite a good job. Thermaltake have released their core series of cases which are highly modular and feature plenty of space. The Core series come in V and X models which a nice range of sizes and options available for each. Thermaltake is also currently planning to release a wide range of water cooling components in the near future, from reservoirs to pumps and backplates and every fitting in between, Thermaltake is looking to cover all bases when it comes to the water cooling game. With all of these cases and water cooling supplies coming out, what else could Thermaltake have up their sleeves? Well, I’ll tell you one thing, they are hard at work on some ring LED fans that look amazing in pictures and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on them!

However, today I will be taking a look at the monstrosity that is the Thermaltake Urban T81 PC Chassis. The T81 is designed to give enthusiasts the room they need to build the best performing systems they can while still keeping an elegant and simple look for it. The T81 has dual swinging door that allow access to the inside of the case which features a fully modular design and plenty of room for hard drives and any other components you want to install inside it. The T81 has a very generous cable management system inside and the only thing that is more impressive is the cooling support the T81 has to offer, there are a many of options for both water and air cooling!

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