Lenovo Adware fix?

If anyone has been following the news recently, they will know about the evil Lenovo adware codenamed ‘Superfish’.. A tiny piece of software that offered shopping tips? It was shipped with a high number of devices, and they’ve finally gotten back to the world with a press statement. You can read it here, briefly put though? It had some vulnerabilities.

“Since that time we have moved as swiftly and decisively as we can based on what we now know. While this issue in no way impacts our ThinkPads; any tablets, desktops or smartphones; or any enterprise server or storage device, we recognize that all Lenovo customers need to be informed. We apologize for causing these concerns among our users – we are learning from this experience and will use it to improve what we do and how we do it in the future. We will continue to take steps to make removal of the software and underlying vulnerable certificates in question easy for customers so they can continue to use our products with the confidence that they expect and deserve.”

I’m glad to see they are addressing the issue, but I believe that when we buy a device.. it shouldn’t be riddled with any extra software. The underlying operating systems are built for a reason, look at some of the android phones bundled with a million pieces of software to “help” the user.

You can find the removal tool here

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