Audio Dynamix Mesh2 Bluetooth Speaker Review 2

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  • Brand: Audio Dynamix
  • Model: Mesh2
  • Price: ¬£24.99 (At the time of review)

Audio Dynamix was established in 2012 with the goal to bring new and better portable audio products to the market with an emphasis on wireless connectivity. Offering products with great performance and at good price points has been the key to their success and while they may not be the most well-known manufacturer of portable audio devices this should not put a damper on your decision to buy from them. Audio Dynamix has a great range of portable speakers that feature wireless connectivity and off great sound for their respective size and price points.

Today I will be taking a look at the Mesh2 speaker which is a budget friendly speaker designed to offer great sound in a compact size. The Mesh2 features two new high definition speakers that incorporate CCAW voice coils that are said to be 30% more efficient than that of conventional speakers which allow the Mesh2 to offer more power handling and less distortion.

The Mesh2 comes in a range of colours to make sure there is one for just about anybody and rubber coating not only aids its looks, but it also helps allow for the Mesh2 to give users a more enjoyable listening experience. The exterior of the Mesh2 is the same as that of the original model, leaving the internals components to have a complete redesign. The Mesh2 features a 1200mAh battery for up to 12 hours of playback time, handsfree calling, touch sensitive controls and also allows users to connect to it via 3.5mm audio jack or even use an SD card if they need too.

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