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The Mesh2 is designed to be used either via the included 3.5mm auxiliary cable or via Bluetooth connection and as such it is real easy to get set up and started using once it is fully charged. For the auxiliary connection, all you need to do is plug the 3.5mm cable into the speaker and then the device of your choice and you are good to go. As far as Bluetooth goes, it is as easy and turning the speaker on and it will say “Bluetooth waiting for connection”, then you can use your preferred device and connect to it as you would any other Bluetooth device.

Audio Quality

When using a device such as the Mesh2, one is really not expecting to have ear shattering sound, instead, one should be hoping for good clarity with as less distortion and possible with a good battery life. The Mesh2 delivers on all of these points and does a great job of holding its own for its size.

The audio it has to offer is nice and clear and even at louder volumes there is little to no distortion which is great to see and hear, there is some distortion at the highest volumes it has to offer but most users will not push it this far hopefully as I can’t remember the last time actually used any speaker at 100% volume. Obviously the Mesh2 is not booming with bass though there is a small amount of knock that does come from the speaker, this is to be expected due to its size. I tested it with a wide variety of music as always and was quite pleased across the board, from hip-hop, rock, Drum n Bass and even Classical, the Mesh2 offers a nice and clear sound.

The Mesh2 is powerful enough to fill a room or even a smaller outdoor area for those who may want to use it while hosting a small party or for a picnic or BBQ. Its small compact design also means that it will be easy to place somewhere out of the way and it won’t be an eyesore either.

Battery Life

The battery on the Mesh2 is rated for 12hours, these ratings are normally given based on the speaker being used at full volume. During my testing, I was using the Mesh2 for 4-5 hours a day and was getting just about 3 days of use out of it so somewhere in between 12-15 hours. Now, of course, this was probably at around half volume so the battery would last a bit longer. Either way, the Mesh2 hits its rating and is surely good enough to last the day if need be which is all we can really ask from it.

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