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Jumping right into things and the performance for the Bravo was as good as we could hope for. The Bravo features a highly ventilated design by nature and this allows for good directional airflow; though I must say things could have been better. While the Bravo is still a decent performer it has a bit of room for improvement such as making the vented grill in the top bigger and allowing for a second fan to be installed as well. Hot air rises so where better to exhaust it then out of the top of the case? Even with this little niggle the case still performs well and in part probably has a bit to do with the 200mm front intake fan that gets the airflow party started and while there is room for some minor improvement, this should not put you off from considering to purchase the Bravo.

Taking a look at the design and I find it aesthetically pleasing. The exterior design is a bit different from that of the norm that we are all use to and I feel XFX have done a great job. Not only does it feature a unique floating design, the front and sides where the vented areas are almost look like they were stacked up, or built from individual pieces. Another thing I liked is when looking at it from the side, it almost looks like as if the case was extended by pulling it out like when adding an extra leaf to a table to make more room for family around the holidays. I have to say this was probably my favourite aspect of the case and the only thing that could have made this better is if the back of the case did, in fact, extend out or allow you to compress it back in depending on the hardware you want to put inside.

Recently the Bravo has had a price change which makes it even better value for the money. Coming in around £65-£70, you are getting quite a bit for your money! There is no denying the case has a one of a kind and sort of modernized look to it and the fact that is quite functional only further adds to its value. For the money you are getting a nice big case that allows for great airflow which will help keep everything nice and cool during those long gaming or rendering settings, especially seeing as to how it is designed to house up to three graphics cards this is quite a nice feature.

When all is said and done the Bravo is a good all-around case and while it may have some shortcomings they really should not put you off from purchasing, especially for the price. As mentioned the main thing, I would have liked to of seen, is more fan/radiator support in the top of the case and also more radiator/water cooling support inside the case itself. While there is support for watercooling you may have to get a bit creative with it which may deter some people away from purchasing.

I would like to thank XFX for sending in the Type-01 Series Bravo in for review and hope they will come out with another case in the future at some point.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– One of a kind design
– Very spacious
– Plenty of drive bays/trays
– Good Airflow


– Only support for one fan in top
– Not the best water cooling support

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