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Cooler Master Co., LTD. Founded in Taiwan in 1992 is a world-wide company that manufactures OEM and Aftermarket hardware such as Chassis, PSUs, coolers and cooling pads to name a few. Alongside the hardware aspect of the company they have also expanded their brand into mainstream gaming and even sponsor some major events.

Cooler Master’s main headquarters are in Zhonghe District, New Taiepei City, Taiwan and they also own a manufacturing facility in Huizhou China. As mentioned they are a world-wide company so to keep up with international affairs they have offices in United States, Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Brazil. They also have a couple of subsidiary brands such as “CM Storm” which is their gaming orientated brand and also “Chhoiix” which deals with the lifestyle side of things.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their CPU Coolers in the way of the Cooler Master V8 GTS. The V8 GTS offers some amazing features such as a “Vapour Chamber” that allows for dissipation of heat up to 8x faster and more evenly. It also comes with 2 x 140mm 1,600RPM fans as stock and designed to resemble the looks of a car engine.

Before we get into the fun, let’s see what Cooler Master have to say about their V8 GTS:

The Cooler Master V8 GTS is the latest addition to Cooler Masters famous V-series of Performance Heatsink featuring a powerful car engine look. The V8 GTS features a high performance horizontal vapor chamber. It spreads heat up to 8x faster than Heatpipes which minimizes CPU hotspots and quickly balances the heat load between all heatpipes. As a result the V8 GTS features revolutionary high efficiency and cooling performance.

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