Following on with our first CosPlay3r interview with Jemocha, which can be seen here. Today we bring you an interview with the lovely Mimi Moon from sunny Scotland!

With cosplay become more and more popular, literally by the minute. We thought it would be nice to try and keep everyone updated with interviews from up and coming cosplayers. It is also a great way for them to get their story out and let us know why they cosplay, what inspires them and what they feel cosplay is all about. Most of the time when looking at cosplay we just scroll through a bunch of random pictures, not really taking the time to see what they may mean to the personal behind the mask or makeup.




Q – What first caught your eye about cosplay?  What made you say wow, I need to do this?

A – I actually began cosplaying before I really even knew what it was! When I was around 14/15, I was utterly obsessed with  Silent Hill, so I decided to dress up as Alessa Gillespie. ]

Q – Who was your first cosplay character and how did it make you feel upon making the character your own?

A – As said before it was Alessa from Silent Hill. It was pretty awesome! I looked horrifying, which is always good! 

Q – What gives you inspiration for your choice of character?

A – The characters I’m usually drawn to are either pretty upbeat and cheerful, psychopaths, or little cute lolis! 


Q – If you could cosplay any character even if it isn’t feesable, who would you pick and why?

A – It would really just be anyone from my massive “I WANT TO COSPLAY YOU!” list. I don’t really have one set “dream cosplay”. 

Q – How long does it take you to design and create an outfit?  Is it as hard as it looks?

A – Ugh ages. Though to be fair I do leave things for awhile and slowly get back to them. If someone sat me down in a room with only my cosplay stuff, it would probably get done a lot quicker. It can be quite hard, as you need to learn new skills/techniques for certain things. 

Q – What events have you previously attended and do you intend to go to in the future?

A – Glasgow and London MCM, and Doj/Dee con (which is just a Scottish thing.) But yes! I plan to go to lots more! 


Q – How do you feel about current cosplay “scene” and how do you plan to stand out from the rest?

A – I don’t really know how Id stand out haha, I’m not particularly supremely gifted at anything.  I try to maybe do slightly different versions of characters, like my dead Rika Furude for example!  

Q –  Got any spoilers on any characters you intend to bring to life in the future?

A – Oh I have so many! Im currently working on Rapunzel, and hoping to do Yuka (Corpse Party), Eiko Carol (FFIX), Tsugumi (Guilty Crown) and Soraka (LoL)….and Etna (Disgaea) all as soon as I can!


Q – Anything to say to any cosplayers looking to start out for themselves?  Any tips for them?

A – Just go for it! Its so satisfying watching something slowly come together! Just pick a character you love and get to it! Look around shops for patterns  and online for tutorials to help!


I would like to say a big thanks to Mimi for allowing us to ask her some questions and I would like to thank Scotland for allowing such a beauty to grace their country; here is hoping she gets the exposure she deserves!

To learn more about Mimi Moon or just want to see more of her awesome work, check out her Facebook here –

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