Cooltek Silent Fan 120 and 140 Review 19

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Cooling is one of those aspects of PC building that may go overlooked by some, but for others, it is a major part and consideration when they are planning a build. With so many options available to most, choosing the right cooling accessories can be a bit of a pain. Do you need super performance? Are you looking for something a bit more flash, maybe with LEDs? Are you trying to find the perfect balance of both? Or do you simply just use the fans that may come in the case you are planning to use? Well, while I can not answer that for you, my personal preference is to get some nice fans that match the overall colour scheme of my build.

Cooltek is known for producing some great cases that offer both performance and looks, as well as some nice accessories to go with them. Today I will be taking a look at some of their Silent Fans and they were kind enough to send in the LED versions, which goes over well with me as I am a sucker for colourful lights. The Silent Fans come in 120mm and 140mm and both LED and non-LED versions, giving users plenty of choices so they can hopefully find ones that will be perfect for them.

One of the first things I noticed about the fans was the price. Coming in under €6.00, from a very reputable brand, I was instantly drawn to them, then the LEDs just said yes please! The 120mm version features a 1,2000 RPM while the 140mm version come with only a 900RPM. The benefit of bigger fans is that they don’t need to spin as fast to produce the same amount of airflow, this also means they are, in most cases, quieter than smaller fans due to not spinning as fast. 


The boxes that the Silent Fans come in offer some general information on the front, so users can make sure these will be suitable for them. There is also a window that will let users see that the actual fan blades are the same colour as the LEDs the fan has to offer. Onto the back of the box and users will be able to see the proper technical specifications including dimensions, RPM, air flow, connector type and cable length among other things.




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