Cryorig H5 Ultimate CPU Cooler Review 13

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Manufacturer: Cryorig 
Model: H5 Ultimate
UK Price: N/A (At time of review) 
US Price: $46.99 (at time of review)

What’s better than the delivery driver turning up with a new CPU cooler? Why him turning up with three new coolers of course. Now these aren’t new in the sense of just on the market but they are a good indication of the range available from Cryorig because that’s who sent them. Cryorig is a bit of an unknown to me, I’ve never owned one of their coolers, nor have I tested one up until now so this really is quite exciting being able to dip into something completely fresh. That said, I have known more than my fair share of coolers so we shall see where these three sit amongst the crowd.

Whenever looking at a new product or company the first step to try is of course their website. Pop along to and it’s fairly easy to find out small details about the company itself, such as their lengthy set-up time of around a decade or more before officially becoming a company in 2013. You will also see on their ‘About‘ page that the founders are all modders and overclockers so there is definitely some enthusiasm when it comes to computing rather than a company that’s just decided that CPU cooling might be a good way to make some cash.

First up in this little mini-series is the H5 Ultimate which is by far the biggest of the three. It’s utterly monolithic and biggest usually means best when it comes to air cooling CPUs, however with this covering both the first DRAM slot and the first PCIe slot that may not be the case… If you only have 2 slots on your motherboard and you are using tall RAM you’re in trouble. Likewise, if your GPU sits in the topmost PCIe slot you’re going to face some difficulty here – in short, this is probably not the cooler for you if you are using an mATX motherboard.

I know, it’s not often that I would start on what may be seen as a negative point, especially so early in a review, but some readers will only get a few paragraphs into a review before getting distracted so I wanted to make sure that even they don’t make any mistakes. Anyway, for those with more attention I give you the specifications of the H5 Ultimate before we move on to a close-up look at the cooler in all its glory.


Dimension (with fan) L110.9 x W143 x H160 ~ 168.3mm (Fan position adjustable)
Weight ( with fan ) 920 g
Weight (without fan) 764 g
Heat pipes 6mm heatpipe x 4 units
Fin T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 2.8 mm
Fin Pcs 38 pcs
Copper Base C1100 Pure copper nickel plated
RAM Height Limit 30 ~ 35 mm (Fan position adjustable)
TDP 180 W
Dimension L140 mm x W140 mm x H25.4 mm
Weight 156 g
Rated Speed 700 ~ 1300 RPM ±10 %
Noise Level 19 ~ 23 dBA
Air Flow 76 CFM
Air Pressure 1.44 mmH2O
Ampere 0.16 A


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