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Brand: Raijintek
Model: Pallas
RRP: £35 (At time of review)

Raijintek have released a cooler which is orientated towards the HTPC and ITX market, and it is dubbed the ‘Pallas.’ It’s a low-profile heatsink, standing just 68mm tall when the fan is installed. Its design looks very similar to a cooler that I reviewed previously, the Thermalright AXP-200, but whether it performs similarly remains to be seen. The thin fan lacks the obvious advantage that the thicker fans have in the static pressure and airflow department but it tries to make up for it by having a lot of blades instead. I did do some testing on the previous batch of low-profile coolers with a TY-143 fan from Thermalright, the one that comes with a Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme and pushes an enormous about of air, but it only dropped temperatures by about 2°c which showed that the cooler was very well optimised for its thin fan and not for massive airflow rates.

Keeping a processor cool is one important job and it is usually quite a difficult feat in a smaller enclosure such as an ITX and/or HTPC chassis. However, in order to ensure that your processor does remain cool and its lifespan is increased, the use of an after market cooler is usually recommended.When I tested the other HTPC/ITX based coolers that came through the labs, some of them struggled to keep my i7-4770K cool at 4.5GHz and although I will admit it is a tough feat to manage in such a small area, I do wonder if the Pallas has what it takes. Previous coolers such as the Thermalright AXP-200 and the Noctua NH-L12 managed, even if it was only just in the AXP-200’s case so I hope that the Pallas manages to keep up. Let’s see what Raijintek have to say about the Pallas and then unbox the cooler.

What Raijintek have to say about the Pallas:

PALLAS, Raijintek’s 140mm high end low profile CPU cooler, is designed for most desktops, especially for HTPC’s and narrow enclosures. With a total height of 68mm including the 14013 PWM fan, PALLAS is designed by German engineers for presenting its greatly enhanced airflow and surface for heat dissipation, combined with full nickel plating and the super slim 14013 PWM fan. PALLAS also supports Intel and AMD modern CPU sockets and platforms.


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